Anna Goldsmith unveils new single, “Miracle” (Interview)

Anna Goldsmith

Innisfil, ON-Based Pop Songstress Anna Goldsmith Unleashes the Power of Positivity with High-Energy New Single “Miracle”

Every human being is a miracle in their own right, and pop songstress Anna Goldsmith celebrates her own and others’ uniqueness in her high-energy, pop-punk, and positivity-infused new single “Miracle.”

“Miracle” starts out with a driving beat and an infectious, Blondie-esque melody, and Anna talk-sings and then soars into the story of learning to discover her own way and her own special gifts:

“I am blinded
But it isn’t from the light
I don’t understand myself
I’m gonna have to try
I can see it happening
My miracle’s inside”

The song was inspired by Anna’s own childhood hardships with bullying and being picked on for not fitting in and conforming.

“I want everyone to know that they are perfect just as they are, and that they have the strength to do anything they want,” Anna says. “‘Miracle’ is about finding your true self without putting others down. It’s about finding empowerment, self-worth, and confidence. You are perfect as you are – don’t change, be you, and you can do anything!”

“Miracle” is the second collaboration, after “Shine,” between Anna and Dutch composer/producer Jan Jansen. They have also released two covers: “One Way or Another” by Blondie and “Father Christmas” by the Kinks. They have several more originals in the works, and the plan is to release an entire album eventually.

In 2021, Anna released her first original single, “Shine,” which is available on all streaming platforms. In 2022, she followed it up with the single “Follower.” In addition to singing, Anna has appeared in Grace Productions’ short film Sara Snow and the Seven Dancers, for which she wrote and recorded “Shine” and the song “The Tea Party” – soon to be released on the festival circuit. In addition to performing, Anna is a volunteer with youth-centered groups, providing needed support to at-risk youth.

Watch the video for “Miracle” below and learn more about Anna Goldsmith via our mini-interview.

Hi Anna! You’ve been in this space before, so what’s been going on since your last single,”Follower”?

Hi, it’s so great to be here; thank you so much for this opportunity! Since the release of “Follower,” I have been busy with school. I’ve also been writing a lot of new music and recording more songs. “Miracle” is my latest release; however, I have recorded two additional songs and have three more underway. I’m heading into the studio to record again this month. I am also continuing to write more songs to be released this year.

Tell us about the process of writing “Miracle.”

I worked with my producer, Jan Jansen from the Netherlands, at BluePurple Records, and he sent me the music track after we collaborated on what kind of sound we were going for, and then I got to work writing the lyrics. I tend to write lyrics quite quickly as I get hyper-focused, and I had “Miracle” completed within one evening.

Is there a real person behind the subject of “Miracle?” Do they know?

“Miracle” is actually about me. It is based on my experiences with bullying when I was a little kid, and feeling like I didn’t fit in and also that I didn’t want to conform. It is about being true to yourself without being unkind to others.

What are your plans for the Spring?

This spring, I have plans to continue writing more songs and record more music, along with some new releases to be dropped! I am so excited for everyone to hear the two I’ve recorded already! I also hope to be able to continue to perform live, as nothing excites me more than being on stage and connecting with an audience. I’ve also been able to sing our national anthem at several events throughout my community, including hockey games and community events. I really enjoy doing that as well and have some dates booked for anthem singing coming up. There is also a local festival that it looks like I’m going to be performing at for an afternoon near the end of June, which is going to be super fun.

Glad you see you’ve made it past COVID. What did you learn about yourself since then?

Now that we are through Covid, I have learned that I work really well independently, I’m very organized, that I’m able to focus really well on things that interest me, that I’m resilient and brave, and that all of us can do anything we set our mind to. We just need to believe. We are brave and bold, courageous, and we all need to be true to ourselves!

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