Zach’s Picks of the Week – March 6, 2023 to March 11, 2023

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Happy Monday! Find out which articles Zach Coopz wants you to check out!

Well, thank you for turning in once again to find some of the best Canadian music on the Internet. Thanks to Canadian Beats Media for posting all this fantastic content nationwide. These will be my top five favorites I hand-picked for you to enjoy. They have been appropriately nicknamed “Zach’s Picks Of The Week,” after me. These are just some of the articles posted last week on the website. There are plenty more besides these great recommendations. I will feature a clip from each of them in this week’s video posted below. So please check them all out, and support the artists on their socials.


This week’s list will take us to Calgary-based pop/country singer-songwriter Megan Dawson. She’s released her new single, “To Fall in Love,” across all streaming sites. The track is produced by Dan Swinimer and written by Megan, Chelsea Heaslip, and Hannah Gazso. This new single brings bold, memorable, hooky melodies and relatable lyrics—the track talks about falling in love with yourself and gaining clarity on what love means to you. Be sure to find it across all your favourite streaming platforms now and share it with your friends. Check out our article, where you can listen to the new single and find Megan’s social platforms here.


Next is a star-studded collective of over 50 Canadian artists collaborating on one song. Under the name Artist for Feel Out Loud, to amplify the conversation around mental health and help empower young people to feel out loud. They’ve released a single video that weaves the compassionate lyrics from Serena Ryder’s song, “What I Wouldn’t Do,” with the stunning bridge from Leela Gilday’s “North Star Calling.” Together, it creates the soundtrack for Feel Out Loud and rallies the entire country to invest in the youth’s mental health, shaping the future for the next generation in Canada. Please head over to this fantastic article, where you can see the video and learn more about how you can help here.


Now we make our way into the top three for this week’s top choices of the best new Canadian music. That includes Montreal-based indie/pop band known for their interactive and catching melodies. It’s Ivytide with their latest single, “flood lines,” from their anticipated debut album, due in the fall. But the new song captures the feeling of newfound innocence after the ending of a relationship. It was written and recorded at a cabin in the woods around Northern Quebec this past year. It is accompanied by a self-directed and self-produced music video, which you can find in our article. You can find it across all your favourite streaming platforms now. Please go and check out the article here.


Now, we have the Niagara region-based garage, rock, post-punk, and grunge collective Real Kevin and their Five Questions With segment with us here at Canadian Beats, discussing their newest single, “Sky Kiss,” which you can find across all streaming platforms now. Fans of the show Bob’s Burgers will recognize this song from the episode “Bob Actually” in its seventh season. The band had worked their version of the song into their live set, then released it for themselves. You can find their version here.


Finally, we have reached my last and final choice from our website, which is packed to the brim with brand-new Canadian music. I’ll introduce you to the Siksika Nation, AB-based band, Double Rider. Who’s two new singles are a package of soft rock recalling the styles of the ’60s and ’70s. These tracks are called “Cold, Cold Morning” and “Happy Is How I Feel” and are available across all of those streaming sites you’re listening to music on. The three-piece project started by doing covers written by their late grandfather, Matthew Many Hands. But even though they still do, the group has graduated to now writing their own songs. Like these new singles which you can also listen to when you visit here.

Those are five of my top picks of the week. Our website is still packed with the best Canadian music around. So please explore the rest of our website and all the other fantastic content we serve here. Also, please share my recommendations with your family and friends. You better be sure to tune in next Music Monday when I bring a whole new batch of the best Canadian music right here on Zach’s Picks Of The Week! So until we meet again, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC, EVERYONE!!

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