Ivytide shares new single and video, “flood lines”


Credit: Kyle Ruggerio

Known for their intricate and catchy melodies, Montreal-based indie pop band Ivytide has earned 6.5 million streams across DSPs as the anticipation builds for their debut album due in the fall. Soft acoustics and twangy guitar leads blend with folk elements in the fourth single from the LP.

The new single, “flood lines,” captures a feeling of newfound innocence after the ending of a recent relationship. Upon reflecting on the past, the protagonist appears conflicted between missing the person and feeling free from them. The song delves into the cryptic nature of the relationship and displays how, together, both characters changed after breaking things off, but separately at their core, they stayed the same. Written and recorded at a cabin in the woods of Northern Quebec this past December, their location contributed to its raw emotionality and eerie atmosphere.

It’s accompanied by a self-directed and self-produced music video, clashing cold and warm-lit scenes against one another, akin to the conflict of vulnerability and comfort. Battling solitude in their own lives, they take a walk to the beach to confront their emotions.

“We shot moments both together and apart, contrasting the moments of loneliness, in hopes of displaying the importance of support systems when on a path to recovery. Towards the end of the song, these glimpses of isolation become intense. Even though we may have support systems around us, it may not be enough to escape the feeling of battling adversity alone.”

Watch the video for “flood lines” below and stay up to date with Ivytide via their socials.

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