Zach’s Picks of the Week – February 6, 2023 to February 11, 2023

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Zach’s Picks of the Week is back with five more great Canadian artists

It is about time for some brand-new Canadian music! Welcome back to Zach’s Picks Of The Week on another music Monday. Today I’m here to bring you new music, as always. From the only place where you can find new Canadian music every day, Canadian Beats! These are my five favourite posts on our website this last week. There’s plenty more that just came out for you to discover. So please explore all the incredible new Canadian music we’ve got for you. Let’s get right into this week’s edition of Zach’s Picks Of The Week. In the video below, you’ll see a clip from my recommendations. So who’s ready to get into the new music? I know I am.


This week, let’s begin our list with Canadian songwriter, musician, and author, Pascal Dennis. Pascal has written hundreds of original songs and recorded two original albums. He inspires to continue writing and recording songs about his city, family, and life experiences. Showing, in his way, how he feels about them all. The most recent single he unveiled is a song called “Covid in the Doghouse Blues,” which is available across all streaming sites. This is his first single to be released for 2023, after releasing five singles in 2022. So be sure to listen to all of them on your favourite streaming sites or read our single review of “Covid In The Doghouse Blues.” You can find that article and more about Pascal Dennis here.


Moving on, I’d like to introduce you to Canadian singer-songwriter KYTLY (aka Laura Keightley) from Toronto and Los Angeles. She’s unveiled a sensual new single titled “Not The Jealous Type” across all of the streaming sites. This song is a slow-burning, post-break-up song that reminds us that we can’t control everything, but that’s okay. KYTLY has been working on putting the finishing touches on her upcoming album, which we can expect later this year. Los Angeles-based Producer and Fountains of Wayne drummer Brian Young produced this album. Please do yourself a favour and check out the article, which includes an interview with KYTLY here.


In this week’s third top spot, we have the incredibly talented Brock Pytel, best known as the singing drummer from the late 80s Montreal-based pop punk band, The Doughboys. Brock has now released his new solo single, “Anemic Heart,” across all streaming sites, and a video accompanies it. This new track features two of Brock’s former bandmates, Jonathan Cummins and Jon “Bond Head” Asencio. The video for “Anemic Heart” was filmed and edited by prolific Vancouver artist RD Cane. You can find that brand new video highlighting Brock Pytel’s latest single, “Anemic Heart,” here.


In our number two spot from Calgary, Alberta, we have a duo you need to be introduced to The Wandering Off. They’ll capture your attention with their latest single, “Hey There,” and you can find that on all streaming platforms now. “Hey There” is the first single coming off the 12-track, self-titled debut album, set to be released on March 31, so keep a close eye out for it online. The single is an upbeat blast of catchy, grungy, 90s-inspired rock. “Hey There” celebrates the beauty of imperfection, the art of not worrying about the mistakes you’ve made. So head to our interview with The Wandering Off here.


That will bring us to my final recommendation from all the wonders featured on our website. It’s time to introduce you to Toronto-based songstress Sam Casey. Sam’s music effortlessly weaves two separate yet overlapping themes together. This can be found in the confident new single, “I’m Fucking Sam,” available and I’ll streaming platforms. It illustrates the experience of being wanted/adored for what you can do for someone rather than who you really are. The powerhouse anthems tackle the idea of maintaining your mental health and navigating an, at times, brutal and demanding music industry. The single comes from her sophomore EP, “More Songs About Weed And Toxic Relationships,” co-written with JUNO-nominated Canadian producer/songwriter Mike Schlosser. Check out the video in our article where Sam also gives her WEEKEND BEATS recommendations here.

Those are my recommendations this week from our incredible website that I hope you enjoyed. Be sure to tune in next Music Monday when I give you a fresh new list of recommendations from this ever-growing website of new music, Canadian Beats. This has been Zach’s Picks Of The Week, everybody. Thank you for tuning in. Be sure to tell your friends about us and share this with your family, because they need to know the new music too. But until we meet again, I hope you have a fantastic week ahead of you. Spread some love and positivity in this world along with the new music that you hear. Peace, Love, and Good Music, Everyone!!

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