Pascal Dennis – “Covid In The Doghouse Blues” (Single Review)

Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis shares his latest single, “Covid in the Doghouse Blues”

Canadian songwriter, musician, and author Pascal Dennis has written over a hundred original songs and recorded two original music albums. Pascal aspires to continue to write and record songs about his city, family, and life experience and the way he feels about them.

Pascal is also the author of five business novels and a book of poems. He is a professional engineer and management consultant. Music and management are his beloved avocation and vocation, and he intends to continue practicing them until he dies.

Most recently, Pascal has unveiled his new single, “Covid in the Doghouse Blues,” which is his first single for 2023 after releasing five singles in 2022.


Coming in at under 4 minutes, “Covid in the Doghouse Blues” starts strong with the lyric, “I wheel & deal like Elon Musk.

The lyrics throughout the song are humourous and poking fun at the pandemic while relating with everyone around the world who has been stuck in the house, wearing masks, and all that fun stuff.

Friday nights I slip my chain, Meet my crew at the baseball (old ball) game, My baby said, “You better wear your mask.”, As I was filling my whisky flask,” particularly made me chuckle. I previously worked in an ice cream shop, and it made me picture all the people who went to take a lick of their masks while wearing their masks.

I must also mention the yodeling that happens on this track. It brings everything together perfectly, and I thoroughly enjoyed this track.

Like his previous releases, “Blues In The Morning” and “Anchorman Blues,” Pascal does a stellar job at creating authentic blues tunes with a modern twist.

Listen to “Covid in the Doghouse Blues” below and stay up to date with Pascal Dennis via his socials.

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