Spiritbox in Toronto, ON – IN PHOTOS

All Photo Credit: Marcus Arar

Spiritbox, After the Burial, Intervals
May 4, 2023
History, Toronto, ON

Canadian Metalcore group Spiritbox has blown up in recent times. With their recently announced stadium tour with Shinedown and Papa Roach, it’s safe to say that they have graduated to the upper echelon of metal acts. Finally, after the release of their debut album Eternal Blue, Spiritbox has embarked on a massive North American headlining tour with support from Intervals and After the Burial. On May 4th, 2023, this amazing tour made its way to History in Toronto.

Opening the show was the Canadian instrumental progressive metal band Intervals. Hailing from the GTA, Intervals plays a mix of metalcore, jazz fusion, and progressive rock. Intervals have been around for over a decade, and their setlist consisted of songs throughout their entire discography. Having seen them play small clubs in Hamilton, Ontario, in the 2010s, it was awesome to see them play on such a large stage. Their performance was top-notch. Every player in this band is an incredible performer, and despite them being instrumental, their presence on the bill was an excellent fit.

After the Burial are regarded as Metalcore legends. Their first several albums are considered essential classics within the genre. Seeing them play live reinforces their position at the top. The energy and sass that exudes from their performance are breathtaking and wickedly entertaining. Their setlist consisted mainly of newer material, which might disappoint fans of their early work; however, their new material is much more rhythmically oriented and translates well onto the stage. Every time I see this band play, I love them just a little bit more.

Spiritbox is easily my favourite band of the modern Metalcore pact. Their mix of heavy riffs, memorable vocal hooks, and songwriting is unparalleled. They get better with each release and grow in popularity with every new track. I don’t think it can be understated that their appeal is unprecedented, considering how heavy their music is. I think so much of this boils down to how well they write their songs. Compared to other metal bands, Spiritbox makes songs that are structured like pop music. Every song feels massive in the live setting, and the stage presence of vocalist Courtney LaPlante is unmatched by her contemporaries. The setlist spanned their entire career but mainly focused on the popular songs from Eternal Blue. The crowd was beyond enthusiastic, singing along to all the choruses and moshing. Spiritbox is a must-see band for any fan of Metalcore and heavy music in general.

The Eternal Blue Tour has nearly finished, but if you have an opportunity, I highly recommend you see this concert. It’s one that will stick with me for months to come. With their growing popularity, it’s unclear if Spiritbox will be playing clubs for much longer. If you are a fan, you owe it to yourself to see them play in this setting before it’s too late.”

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