Countdown to Canadian Folk Music Awards – Interview with John Wort Hannam

John Wort

The Canadian Folk Music Awards take place in Vancouver, BC, from March 31 to April 2, with two awards shows and three showcases.

On April 2 at 6:00 pm PDT,  Night Two of the Canadian Folk Music Awards will take place at Mel Lehan Hall at St James Community Square. Get tickets here.

The Concert portion of the night is hosted by Chelsey June and Benoit Bourque and features Abigail Lapell (ON), Wesli (QC), Mama’s Broke (NS), Digging Roots (ON), John Wort Hannam, and T. Buckley (AB).

We caught up with John Wort Hannam to chat about what an honour it is to receive three nominations at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and his performance at Night One of the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

John has been nominated for Contemporary Album of the Year, English Songwriter(s), &  Solo Artist of the Year for his 2021 album, Long Haul.

Listen to Long Haul below and learn more about John Wort Hannam via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a folk/roots songwriter from Lethbridge, situated in southern Alberta beside the Old Man River on Treaty 7 Territory.  I’ve been performing for about 20 years.  I have eight albums under my belt, a couple of which I really like.

Tell us a bit about your newest release.

Long Haul is my most recent offering.  It was recorded during the pandemic, over the internet, with players in Vancouver, Toronto, Nashville, and myself in an 8 X 10 room in Lethbridge.  The themes for the album run the gamut of fatherhood, the pandemic, losing a friend and my father, regret, love (of course), a song for my grandfather, and a tribute to the weekly Canadian Legion meat draw.

You are nominated for three awards at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, taking place in Vancouver. What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated three times?

I’m always happy to be nominated for something.  It makes my Mum think I’m famous.  But I don’t get too hung up about nominations.  There were lots are albums released over the last year that were worthy of a nomination but did not get one.  It all depends on who the judges are in any given year.  Different judges = different nominees. It was my turn, I guess.  I appreciate the nod to keep doing what I’m doing.

You will be performing on April 2, night two of the Awards. What can attendees expect from your live performance?

I’ll be performing with T. Buckley, a fellow nominee.  We will sing a couple of original songs and pay homage to one of our favourite songwriters.  You’ll have to tune in to see who that is.

Do you have any other upcoming shows you want to tell us about?

I’ve got shows scattered throughout the spring and summer.  Best to check to see where they are.

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