Amanda Kind – “Rebel Spirit” (Single Review)

Amanda Kind

Amanda Kind unveils the anthemic track “Rebel Spirit”

Waterloo, ON-based country artist Amanda Kind‘s latest single, “Rebel Spirit,” is a rockin’ girl-power anthem about being bold, brave, and letting your wild heart take the lead. Released on International Women’s Day and in honour of Kind’s feisty 12-year-old nieces, the song is a call to action for women and girls to break the mold, use their voices, and be true to themselves.

Amanda shares,

“My mom raised me to be brave. Growing up, I was headstrong (still am). Standing up for what’s right, defying society’s expectations, and listening to my gut have always been a big part of who I am. But, it’s hard to break the mold and stay true to yourself when the pressure’s on. I love the Fearless Girl statue in New York – I have a huge canvas print of her in my music studio to remind me to be brave every day.

I started writing “Rebel Spirit” in 2021 and it went through many versions. Eventually, I brought in fellow country artist Jessie T to help me find the exact right energy and words. At the same time, my twin nieces were approaching their tween era. I became keenly aware of their self esteem. They amaze me all the time; they are funny, smart, willing to try new things even if they fail as they learn, and just generally confident and happy girls.

I read an article that outlined significant data proving that most girls begin to lose their confidence around age 12. I remember how my confidence plummeted at that age and how hard I had to work to get it back. This made me wonder what I could do to make them aware of what the world might throw at them, what feelings could result, and how they could be strong. Thinking about the fearlessness and self-love that I want them to hold on to helped me find the final version of the song; lyrically and musically I love how “Rebel Spirit” feels fierce andunapologetic, but so fun to jam to. It seemed only fitting to put the song out on International Women’s Day – March 8.


“Rebel Spirit” evokes pure energy initially, and Amanda’s vocals follow suit. The song is an upbeat empowering anthem with a catchy chorus that’s easy to sing and encourages women to be fearless and confident.

Musically, the track conveys elements of country, pop, and rock, and Amanda nails it with her solid and emotive vocals. “Rebel Spirit” is truly a relatable song for women everywhere and will undoubtedly appeal to fans of many genres.

The lyrics throughout the track are anthemic and inspiring, such as “Yea girls like me won’t do what their told, With a 1-2 punch we break the mold,” and “Yea, I make no apologies, I gotta be true to me and my rebel spirit.”

Overall, “Rebel Spirit” is well-written, well-performed, and is a genuinely transformative and inspiring force that connects with listeners on a deep and meaningful level.

Watch the video for “Rebel Spirit” below and stay up to date with Amanda Kind via her socials.

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