Carlyn releases video for new single, “Bad Habit”


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Nightmare Pop Artist Carlyn Gets Vulnerable with New Single & Video “Bad Habit” Out on Indica Records

Montreal-based songwriter and performer Carlyn has released “Bad Habit” a new single produced by Patrick Krief (Darkometro, formerly of The Dears). The hurt protagonist feels conflicted about her vices, compelled to choose the lesser of two evils: smoking or being with someone who is bad for her. Carlyn typically crafts fictional stories, often writing from the villain’s perspective through a developed character. But sometimes, draws inspiration from her own life and experiences. Carlyn wears her heart on her sleeve and showcases vulnerability, putting herself in the spotlight with this release.

“I wanted to create something familiar but unsettling, grounded but off, enticing but scary,” she explains about its music video in which she takes center stage. “The way a habit can be comforting but ultimately detrimental to someone.”

“Bad Habit” was first teased on the TV series, Ma Mère. About the songwriting process, she shares that “you’re a bad habit and I smoke too much” was the first line that came to her.

“From there on, I wrote the rest of the lyrics, developed the harmonies, and hopped on a Zoom call with one of my favorite artists and producers, and good friend of mine, Patrick Krief. I sang him the song and he pulled out his guitar to figure out the chords. We recorded the song in one take all the way through while facing each other. This is why it isn’t perfectly in time, but I think it brings a very tender aspect to how it sounds. We wanted the listeners to be able to feel that raw energy we had in the room just playing music together.”

Carlyn doesn’t conform to the status quo. She joins the likes of Billie Eilish and Madison Beer in creating a dark indie dream style she’s coined nightmare pop. From a young age, she was always intrigued by dark themes and excited by the things she found scary. She loves horror films because of the score, and It (2017) is her favourite movie for that reason. The dark side of her imagination inspires a twist on her pop music, both in composition and theme.

Signed to indie powerhouse Indica Records, expect dark melodic undertones, moody lyricism, and a unique fashion sense from the emerging artist who showcases innate musicality. While a newcomer to the pop scene, she demonstrates maturity in her songwriting. In preparation for her debut album, Carlyn has released a string of singles. “Alive (Dead)” is about two people who see insufficient value in life for completely opposite reasons. “Unlie” is about wanting what one can’t, or shouldn’t, have. “555” sacrifices boundaries to prevent being alone, and “Sleeping With Penelope”  examines platonic love and heartbreak.

Watch the video for “Bad Habit” below and stay up to date with Carlyn via her socials.

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