Hunter Brothers share new single, “Country State of Mind (Shop Edition)”

Hunter Brothers

Hunter Brothers release a reprise of an original track – “Country State Of Mind (Shop Edition)” – giving a nod to their family farming lifestyle and an inside look at what their farming life is like

Gold-certified, award-winning group and real-life brothers, Hunter Brothers, make the sounds of the farm sing with the release of “Country State Of Mind (Shop Edition)” via Open Road Recordings. It’s a reprise of the original track, found on their #1 sophomore album, State of Mind.

J.J., Dusty, Luke, Brock, and Ty are no strangers to hard work, perseverance, and discipline. Life on a family farm wasn’t always easy, but the brothers attribute much of their success to their rural upbringing in a home dedicated to faith, music, and sport. And this new release captures the essence of the upcoming seeding season and the country lifestyle that is at the core of who these brothers are.

Lead singer and youngest brother, Ty, shares this,

“The rhythms out in the country really do make a soundtrack … from the tractor putting, to the crickets, to the wind and gravel crunching beneath your feet on a backroad. It’s a large part of what makes up a country state of mind, and in many ways what inspired this song. Seeding season always reflects the promise of new growth. Getting out into the field, and working hard brought about a sense of grounding that few things could do.”

Stream or download “Country State Of Mind (Shop Edition)” here.

Accompanied by the official music video, the visual is set to the soundtrack of the Hunter Brothers’ own family shop – the sweep of a broom, the buzz of a drill, the engine of a tractor – all lay the sonic foundation as the brothers’ signature harmonies pay homage to the community that raised them. This video is a must-watch for all Hunter Brothers fans. You get to see them in action in the other part of their lives.

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