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Canada’s FEED AFTER MIDNITE Release Striking Music Video For Groovy Single “False Awakening”

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Feed After Midnite was formed in March 2018. They recently released their debut EP The Hunger and have a new music video out now for the song “False Awakening”. The Hunger is a collection of different, unrelated stories bringing out the full groove of the band. The single is based on the films “The Matrix” and “They Live” and it relates to how life and society are ruled by the media and government and their narrative and we the people are tired of being controlled and lied to.

The band continues to explain:

“It is the fastest, most aggressive song on the EP. It starts off sounding old-school Slayeresque but quickly shifts into a headbang-inducing double bass groove. It was actually the last song written for the EP. It really came to its final form as we were recording the other songs. Joe Lyko really helped us with the breakdown on this one. We were really pleased with how it turned out post-production, so we decided to make it the first single. This is the fastest tempo song out of all and really represents a new level of technical skill for us all.”

Feed After Midnite hopes listeners will appreciate their attention to groove and melody while still maintaining a level of heaviness. Each song stands on its own but leaves you with a hunger for more. Their sound has definitely changed over the years; moving away from the hard rock/classic metal in the beginning, the newer stuff is heavier and a bit more aggressive. Closer categorized as metalcore or groove metal, they are recommended for fans of Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, and In Flames.

Watch the video for “False Awakening” below and learn more about Feed After Midnite via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Feed after Midnite was formed in March 2018. Longtime friends and band members Marc, Denis, and Yvon decided to submit a demo they did for a local Battle of the Bands contest and were chosen to play one of the shows. The problem was the guys didn’t really have a band. The song they submitted was only the 3 of them doing all the instruments and vocals. They recruited the singer from their previous band, Gunfighter Pedestrian, to be the vocalist and recruited Dylan DeRepentigny to be on Bass. The show was supposed to be a one off , but the guys had such a blast doing it that they just said, “let’s start a band.” Yvon(vocals) at the time was the band’s drummer and became the new vocalist as the other vocalist didn’t really fit the style and direction the band wanted to go.

The band recruited Dominic Chaumont to be the new drummer. They played their first show as Feed after Midnite in July 2018. From 2018 to late 2019, the band played a few shows in Ottawa and opened up for Buckcherry in July 2019. For a few months after, the band was mostly inactive; nothing was really going on. In late 2019, Marc, Denis, and Yvon began writing some new material when it was decided that it would be best to amicably part ways with Dominic. In January, the band placed an ad looking for a new drummer, Sean Bolster answered the ad. Instantly the guys felt that Sean was a great fit and asked him to join the band that very first practice. Everything was going great. The band was set to enter the studio in April 2020 when the pandemic hit.

The band decided to take the “time off” and really polish the new songs some more. In the summer of 2020, the band entered the studio for the very first time to record the songs Out of Time and Running Man. In the fall of 2020, both songs were released and received a positive reaction. Out of Time was picked up by Ottawa’s Rebel radio station and was on regular rotation for almost 2 years. The next single, Sweet Embrace, was released in late 2021. In March 2022, the band entered the studio to record their first EP. The recording was completed in the late Summer of 2022 and was released on November 25 of that year. In August 2022, bassist Dylan decided to part ways with the band to go on to do some other project. The band recruited Shane Fraser shortly after to become the band’s new bassist

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

We are so excited to present our very first EP, The Hunger, to the world! It has been an incredible adventure for us to create this. It has turned out better than anyone of us could have imagined. We hope that listeners will appreciate our attention to groove and melody while still maintaining a level of heaviness. Each song stands on its own but leaves you with a hunger for more. We are proud to share this with our fans. The EP flows nicely from the eerie acoustic intro “Shadows of the Night” to “False Awakening,” to “Red Dead,” to “Ascending the Flames,” and finally to “Book of the Fallen,” with a trick ending that leads to a fade out to finish the EP making you want to listen to it again. Thank You to Joe Lyko from Darkmoon Productions

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

Songwriting, for us, is always a collective effort. The majority of our material comes from recordings we make of our improvisational jams. Right from the start of the songwriting process, we collaborate when picking what is good material from the recordings, deciding if the part we picked sounded like a verse or a chorus, or some other part, and arranging the parts we picked into a structure.

Yvon is responsible for writing the lyrics. The music comes first, so he finds inspiration from the sounds and rhythms we create. Yvon and really all of the band love all things that are horror or sci-fi related from the last 40 years. So that’s certainly an influence on the themes Yvon writes about.

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to tell us about?

Yes, We have two upcoming shows booked:

The Space Between single release party with Crooked Mirrors and Feed After Midnite is March 10, 2023, at The Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa, Ontario! Tickets available on Eventbrite.com. More info here.

Feed After Midnite, As We Suffer, Hyena613, and Dead Velvet is April 1, 2023, at Cafe Dekcuf in Ottawa, Ontario. Tickets are available from Pandamonium Promotions or DM us. More info here.

What’s your goal for 2023?

This year we have a few things that we would like to accomplish. We’ve played lots locally in Ottawa, so we feel it’s time to branch out. We have our sights set on playing an out-of-town show, possibly in Montreal, Kingston, or maybe Toronto. Nothing solid yet, we will see. We want to release some new music by the fall or winter. We would love to play an outdoor festival-type show, but nothing solid yet. Overall we just want to continue to work on growing our band and enjoy the process!

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