Kyle Meagher – “Numb” (Single Review)

Kyle Meagher

Kyle Meagher recently released his single, “Numb”

Ottawa-born musician, songwriter, and actor Kyle Meagher unveiled his latest single, “Numb,” on January 25, 2023.

“Numb” is a pop-rock song about anxiety, mental health, and heartbreak. Written after a break-up (as any musician does), this song describes how feeling nothing at all can sometimes be better than feeling conflicting emotions for someone you’ve parted ways with. Composed with 70s pop and modern pop punk in mind, this song blends the best of both worlds to create a fierce yet desperate sound.

Produced by Mark Liggett (who has produced and/or mixed music for Robin Gibb/BeeGees, George Michael, New Kids on the Block, and Canada’s own Kira Isabella), “Numb” is a follow-on from Meagher’s previous single “Trainwreck,” which was about being in a dysfunctional relationship. Kyle’s first EP, Beats in a Bagel Shop, was both an album and a short film that ties together seven music videos into a story that allowed him to explore his music, acting, and film-making abilities was awarded silver for its entertainment value (album, music videos, and listener impact) at the Global Music Awards, was nominated for “best musical” at the Orlando Film Festival and was an Official Selection at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival.


From the opening lyrics, ” Oh I don’t wanna think about you I’ll get numb, Take too many pills at once, ‘Til my brain hates me and I shut it all down, I don’t wanna hear your fuckin’ voice right now,” and the pop-infused tempo, I knew I was about to find a track to add to my playlist.

The memorable track evokes a sense of urgency and strong emotion while covering such topics as anxiety, mental health, and heartbreak.

With its infectious beat, passionate vocals, and relatable lyrics, “Numb” has quickly garnered over 100,000k streams on Spotify and is the perfect addition to Kyle’s musical library.

Whether you’re a fan of pop and rock or not, “Numb.” is the type of song that will speak to the masses with its anthemic vibe.

Listen to “Numb” below and stay up to date with Kyle Meagher via his socials.

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