Double Rider shares two new singles, “Cold Cold Morning” & “Happy Is How I Feel”

Double Rider


Not even a year after their self-titled debut EP, Double Rider from Siksika Nation, AB has a new singles package of soft rock recalling the styles of ’60s and ’70s acts like CCR and Suzy Quatro.
The three-piece of Hannah and Lennon Owlchild and Erin Many Heads, may have started the project by playing covers written by their late grandfather, Matthew Many Heads. Though they still do, they have graduated into writing their own song lyrics in the same vein.

“Cold, Cold Morning” is one such track written by the three-piece, a bouncy rock ode about love and admiration.

“It’s a melodic song that gives the listener an atmosphere of falling in love but the person you love has no idea; which makes it cold like the chill of the morning.” Double Rider says.

Then comes “Happy Is How I Feel,” a reinvigorated version of Matthew Many Head’s groovy track about finding happiness in oneself.

These two singles are just a taste of what Double Rider has to offer. For more, be sure to check out their new EP, Times Of The Day here.

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