Fast Romantics release new single, “Euphoria”

Fast Romantics

Fast Romantics confirm new album coming later this year

Toronto’s Fast Romantics released an enticing new single and video with “Euphoria.” The band, fronted by Matthew Angus and Kirty, teased the track “Outta Love” last month, and they confirm this double helping of new material already served up this year will culminate in a new record due out later in 2023.

Of the new banger of a single, “Euphoria,” the two explain:

“I came home one night and found Matt in the studio,” says Kirty. “He’d been fighting a really bad cold, and had taken a mega dose of cold medicine. He was definitely out of it but said ‘I think I recorded something pretty good, come listen.’ He had put down the foundation of the using his voice in this new and super cool way. The lyrics just hit me, I was so into it. We ended up using most of the vocal track and lyrics from the demo that night, because there was just something special about it.”

“Euphoria was written during one of the roughest times in my life,” counters Matthew. “I’d been beating my head against every wall I could find, so desperately hungry for relief from what seemed like endless suffering and chaos. I’d blitz between weird drugs and far out therapists, from wacky diets to get rich quick schemes. I’d fall into extreme attempts at partying one week and monk-like straight-edge living the next. Anything for a taste of this elusive ‘happiness’ I felt was missing from my life. In the process I nearly lost myself, at times emotionally paralyzed on the floor of my living room or studio. But somewhere towards the end of all of that madness, this song came out of me in a blur. It ended up being the seed for this whole record we’ve made, and being easily one of my most favourite songs we’ve ever done. And I think it helped me make some sense of what was going on at the time too, how easy it is to get confused and lost in the differences between happiness and euphoria.”

Since 2017 Fast Romantics claimed North America as unrelenting road warriors. NPR declared their hit “Julia” as “triumphant,” and they found themselves unexpectedly in Apple Music’s top ten. In those following years of touring and radio charting, they perfected a larger-than-life live show, endearing fans to their unique brand of irresistible pop hooks and frontman Matthew Angus’ personal and emotive approach to lyricism.

Past albums have been hailed by NPR as “triumphant” and by CBC q as “a revelation of a record.” This year’s forthcoming full-length is no exception – an album Matthew claims as “the record I’ve been trying to make my whole life.” Stay tuned for more videos, singles, and album details shortly.

Watch the video for “Euphoria” below and stay up to date with Fast Romantics via their socials.

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