Vicious Beast, Jeff Beadle & The Jailbirds in Toronto, ON – IN PHOTOS

Vicious Beast

Vicious Beast, Jeff Beadle & The Jailbirds
February 17, 2023
Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, ON

On February 17th, Vicious Beast put on a wild show bringing along Jeff Beadle and The Jailbirds for a rockin’ good time!

To start off the night at the Bovine, The Jailbirds always put on a killer show every time I’ve seen them perform. They played some old songs that haven’t been played in a very long time, and some new and unreleased songs as well, which is a treat for everyone there! If you like a high-energy, guitar-driven band, then The Jailbirds is a must-see live!

Vicious Beast 1

Vicious Beast 2

Vicious Beast 3

Vicious Beast 4

Next, we change the pace of the night to an incredible acoustic set by Jeff Beadle. Definitely a great change between two rock sets! Make sure you check Jeff out on all socials and streaming platforms.

Vicious Beast 5

Vicious Beast 6

Vicious Beast 7

Vicious Beast 8

Vicious Beast is Jon Harvey’s from Monster Truck solo band, and they are incredible live and with no music released yet; they played to a packed house with everyone vibing with them on stage. They played most of the songs that will be released on their ep coming soon. They also played “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper and “Song 2!” by Burr, which had everyone singing along with them!

Make sure you check out I Am Drugs and one other song getting released by Vicious Beast on March 1st, 2023!

Vicious Beast 9

Vicious Beast 10

Vicious Beast 11

Vicious Beast 12

All and all, it was another amazing night of music at The Bovine!

For more photos from the show, head to our Facebook page!

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