Laila Biali shares cover of “My Funny Valentine”

Laila Biali

Laila Biali announces new album and releases cover of “My Funny Valentine”

JUNO Award-winning vocalist/pianist Laila Biali has released a gorgeous version of “My Funny Valentine” – arranged as a duet with the multi-GRAMMY winner Kurt Elling.

A tender duet version with the multi-GRAMMY winner Kurt Elling, Biali’s arrangement of My Funny Valentine gently moves away from the quintessential recordings of the classic ballad with subtle reharmonizations; her breathy and intimate vocal delivery, a lovely counterpart to Elling’s playful, adventurous approach.

“My Funny Valentine is one of the great Rodgers & Hart classics,” comments Biali. “It’s absolutely a traditional love song, but I have always felt there was room here to challenge preconceived notions about Valentine’s Day and what a ‘Valentine’ is defined as. On social media, I put out a call to my followers asking them to submit their Valentine’s moments – captures of sweethearts, friends, pets, and nature that warm the heart and bring that cozy Valentine’s feeling. Who says it has to be strictly about romantic love? (We don’t!)”

On the video for My Funny Valentine, Biali adds,

“This video features my wonderful band – Kelly Jefferson, George Koller and Larnell Lewis – in the studio creating the very track you’re listening to. It was our first time ever playing my arrangement of the classic song, but it immediately felt like I was slipping on a favourite pair of slippers – warm, comfy, cozy and inviting. We also chose to intersperse some very personal moments through the years shared between my husband and co-producer, Ben Wittman, and our son Joshua.”

Laila’s arrangement of “My Funny Valentine” gently moves away from quintessential recordings of the classic ballad with subtle reharmonizations. Her breathy and intimate vocal delivery is a lovely counterpoint to Kurt’s playful, adventurous approach, with a warmth added to the heartfelt track by Kelly Jefferson’s performance on tenor.

The song will be featured on Laila’s upcoming new album, Your Requests, Volume 1, which sees Laila returning to the Great American Songbook for the first time in more than ten years. The album arrives on May 26, 2023.

Watch the video for “My  Funny Valentine” featuring Kurt Elling below and stay up to date with Laila via her socials.

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