Jeff Martin in Waterloo, ON – IN PHOTOS

Jeff Martin

All Photo Credit: Dan Fischer

Jeff Martin & Jack Bratt
February 9, 2023
Maxwell’s Waterloo, ON

Tea Party frontman Jeff Martin packed Maxwell’s in Waterloo as he performed the second last of his solo tour Canadian performances. Martin performed two sets: 1st set was samplings from his first debut solo record, Exile and The Kingdom, and the 2nd set was a mix of his other releases and personal favourites both intertwined with interesting, funny, and personal stories. Wonderful evening!

Jeff Martin 1

Jeff Martin 5

Jeff Martin 2

Jeff Martin 3

Jeff Martin 4

Brisbane, Australia’s Jack Bratt performed his own solo show as Martin’s opening act.

Jeff Martin 8

Jeff Martin 6

Jeff Martin 7

Jeff Martin 9

Jeff Martin 10

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