The Radiant – Logical Steps (EP Review)

The Radiant

Band: The Radiant
EP: Logical Steps
Release Date: February 4, 2023
Genre: Alt-Rock

Saskatoon SK’s alt-rock group, The Radiant, has unveiled their 4-song EP, Logical Steps.

The EP starts with the band’s two previous singles, “Clear” and “9 AM.”

The intro to “9 AM” begins with a thick layer of fuzz guitar and then introduces a crisp and punchy drum beat. Mikhaila’s vocals are well suited for the song and intertwine together as it was meant to be. The lyrics, “Living life, And you’re not listening, To anyone who doesn’t live theirs,” strikes a chord and convey both universal and deeply personal messages. The lyrics are relatable and engaging.

“Body Break” is the longest track on the release and possesses a well-rounded sound that pulls the listener in. The song is well-crafted, and the vocals tie everything together in a fresh and familiar way. This song is a must-listen for anyone that appreciates the various faces of alt-rock and a band that has it together, whether we’re talking lyrically, sonically, or production-wise.

If Logical Steps is your first introduction to The Radiant, and you’re a fan of alt-rock, you will surely be impressed and waiting for more from the band.

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