Huguette Lavigne releases new single, “Jazzed Up Dreams”

Huguette Lavigne

Ottawa Pianist Huguette Lavigne Releases “Jazzed Up Dreams”

Close your eyes and let the soothing yet powerful jazzy piano notes take you away into a dreamlike state. That’s where Canadian music composer Huguette Lavigne works her magic on her fourth album and a new single called “Jazzed Up Dreams.”

“Jazzed Up Dreams” takes us on a musical journey through a beautiful composition as we hear her piano keys speaking to us, expanding our minds to infinite possibilities. This free-flowing ensemble is created with an open mind, which allows us to feel that energy in the same light.

Huguette does not fully write down her music; rather, she relies on her shorthand to summons her memory recall for future performances. The final piece is then impressively stored entirely in her head and fingers. Once her composition is recorded, she then moves on to the next score.

The Ottawa-based pianist describes her musical process,

“Somehow and unexpectedly, a style, theme, mood, emotion, or vision is released from the deep recesses of memory,” she notes. “It’s a place where the subjective is stored and it surprises me when it lets something loose. Then, I either capture it, or let it go. Perhaps, that’s where the music originates.”

Lavigne’s new album kicks off with five jazz pieces that include riffs and hypnotic melodies that are created from a truly inspirational and improvisational state of mind. When asked to define where her style on the jazz spectrum resides, the talented composer says she would classify it as “eclectic.”

As far as describing the inspiration for her latest single and video for “Jazzed Up Dreams,” Huguette says,

“As the music carries you toward a landscape of musical notes, your consciousness floats through a series of dream-like scenes. No need to attach any deep meaning; just like jazz, it flows freely.”

Watch the video for “Jazzed Up Dreams” below and stay up to date with Huguette Lavigne via her socials.

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