Emily Power unveils new single, “If I Fall” (Interview)

Emily Power

Wasaga Beach’s Emily Power Releases Hopeful Pop Single, “If I Fall”

Falling in love is always a risky proposition. Alongside the exhilaration and pleasure of opening one’s heart to a new relationship can come worries about getting hurt or maybe even heartbroken.

Wasaga Beach, ON, singer-songwriter Emily Power explores these feelings in her emotional, wistful, and ultimately hopeful new pop single, “If I Fall.”

“I wanna feel, I wanna feel these moments
I wanna taste I wanna touch them all
I wanna be wanna be swept off my feet
I wanna know that you will catch me if I fall”

Power has felt the pain of being let down by those to whom she was closest, right when she needed them most, as well as the desire to trust again. Pondering the fact that all meaningful relationships involve a leap of faith – a trust fall of sorts – Power was at home one day, sitting at the piano she grew up playing, when she felt “a sense of hope, and this song flowed through me,” she explains.

The lyrics of “If I Fall” share the perspective of someone who longs to be swept up in an idealized, boy-meets-girl romance, from sparks flying at a first encounter to a proposal of marriage. She dreams of these moments but wonders if they’ll ever happen for her and if she could fully believe in them if they do.

“The whole time, she is questioning her experience. Is it real? Or just the way things are supposed to be according to society?” she says. “She wonders, if she puts her trust in the new normal, if he will catch her when she falls.”

Power has been involved in music for practically her whole life. From her childhood in Hamilton spent singing (including a stint in the world-renowned Hamilton Children’s Choir) and studying voice to an honours degree in music from the University of Western Ontario, to gigs as the lead vocalist in groups, including a classic country trio, the alternative rock/indie band Five Pound Note, and Toronto party band Urban Jive, she seamlessly adapts to a wide range of genres and sounds.

Taking inspiration from Adele, Elton John, Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, Lady Gaga, and Amy Winehouse and drawing on both her skills and passion, Power’s developed a powerful (no pun intended) voice all her own.

With “If I Fall,” in which the swooningly romantic music and performance support her lyrical message, Power offers listeners the open-hearted chance to join her as she takes the leap into the next phase of her musical career.

Watch the video for “If I Fall” below and learn more about Emily Power via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself?

I love bling, I love bedazzled, and I LOVE to sing! What better career to get into than the music business, I say! My name is Emily Power. I’m 31 years old and living in Wasaga Beach, ON. I come from a musical family, and I grew up playing the piano, singing in choirs, playing the trumpet in all the band variations possible, and then studying voice at Western University. I just LOVE music! Having a classical vocal training background has given me the ability to sing in all genres of music- jazz, pop, classical, and country. I love a jazz lounge, and I also love a great country bar! Music livens up any space, and I’ve always wanted to be part of the livening up component of people’s lives!

Tell us about the process of writing “If I Fall.”

“If I Fall” started out as a piano ballad which I wrote when I was back home in Hamilton close to 5 years ago. I found this catchy, fun, rhythmic chord pattern that I loved and built the song around that. I then began to write the lyrics. I usually like to play the music and just start singing words and see what comes out. I was in a headspace of feeling alone and frustrated but hopeful at the same time. I grew up on Disney movies… the prince and princess mentality was burned into my brain! I wanted so badly to feel all these special moments, find that special someone and get whisked away, and live happily ever after. But growing up and getting a few more years under my belt, I learned that life doesn’t always work that way. Falling in love became a scary thing for me from past experiences, and I worried about truly letting go and “trust falling” into someone, will they catch me? Will they stand by me no matter what? No matter how crazy I can be? Love me, UNCONDITIONALLY? After these few years had passed, I met the amazing Matt O’Rourke through the fabulous Adam Fair at Villa Sound. I sent him the piano ballad, and he started to develop the song in front of my eyes. He changed a couple of chords and brought in some percussion, more instrumentation, and sounds. The song now had a pulse! I was thrilled! Thank you again, Matt!

What’s it like being a musician in Wasaga Beach?

Being a musician in Wasaga Beach is fab! It has given me such a beautiful, tranquil space where I can write music, walk down to the water, write lyrics, and really connect with the earth and myself again. It is such a great place for creativity and healing. I remember Oprah saying …’if you feel like you can’t make a decision, you’re incredibly indecisive, then you need to’ “get still.” Wasaga Beach has been that stillness for me. I feel so calm and able to let it all out. There is a great community of musicians as well. I was very warmly welcomed into the Collingwood and Blue Mountain music community. So much talent and kindness from these communities. It is refreshing!!

Who was the first Canadian artist to blow you away?

The first Canadian artist to blow me away was Celine Dion. Growing up, we always had music playing and especially at Christmas time! I remember my mum would ALWAYS play Celine Dion’s These are Special Times album. The power, the control, and the clarity of her voice gave me shivers. As a kid, I remember thinking, that is what I want to sound like! I want to give people shivers every time they hear my voice! (I had big dreams!) So, I would stand in the kitchen and belt out “O Holy Night,” “Don’t Save it all for Christmas Day,” and, of course, “The Prayer.” When I got a little older, I started to sing “The Prayer” as a duet with my uncle!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve been digging up some of the greatest love songs, and Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” came up, and that brought back so many memories of playing her CDs in the living room. Her grace, poise, and strength as a woman and performer continue to motivate me every day. I know she is struggling with health issues right now; I wish I could somehow express my love and gratitude to her for her true inspiration in my life and the music world.

You’ve been making music for a while now. What’s one piece of advice you can offer to those starting out?

When something doesn’t go as planned, or you feel like you failed…YOU HAVEN’T. Everything happens for a reason, and the reason that “bad” experience happened was so the universe could bring you to where you need to be… and that place is better than you ever could have imagined!!!

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