PREMIERE – Justine Vandergrift – “Little Bird” (Single Review)

Justine Vandergrift

Get an exclusive first listen to Justine Vandergrift’s “Little Bird”

“Little Bird” is the first single from Alberta musician Justine Vandergrift’s new album Mountain Standard Time, which is set for release on March 17th. The soft and dreamy track draws inspiration from Justine’s other upcoming release, a new baby girl, due later this month.

“My co-producer Trevor McNeely wrote the riff, melody, and first verse/chorus of ‘Little Bird’ and pitched it as an idea for the album,” says Justine. “It wasn’t a style I was used to singing or writing in but there was just an ease about the tune that pulled me in. I added a couple verses and when we recorded it live in the studio, we sort of magically eased into it and it ended up making the final cut. Most songwriters don’t like talking about what songs like this are really about, hoping that the listener just feels it. But when I asked Trev if he initially wrote this about his love for his baby girl, he said ‘yup, that pretty much sums it up.’ With my own baby girl on the way, it feels timely to share this gentle and uplifting recording with the world.”

Justine Vandergrift’s new single “Little Bird” will be available on February 3rd on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide.


Beginning with a tranquil beat, “Little Bird” evokes a relaxed vibe. Justine’s vocals throughout the track meld with the music perfectly, as though they become one.

The lyrics, “Light as a feather now, Feel the space within your chest, The storm in passing by, I think I’m ready now to sing a new song, Little Bird, Little Bird, Little Bird fly,” gives off an uplifting message, which could mean something different to each person. A message of healing, strength, or courage is what spoke to me.

The beauty of this song, in itself, makes you smile and makes your feel loved. It takes a great song to evoke such strong emotion that it is felt by the listener, and this is one of those tracks.

Check out the exclusive first listen of “Little Bird” below, and stay up to date with Justine via her socials.

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