Gorilla Tophat – “Disco” (Single Review)

Gorilla Tophat

Gorilla Tophat shares the groovy single, “Disco”

Sudbury’s Gorilla Tophat has recently released the single “Disco,” along with a video to accompany the release.

The track also includes a collaboration with vocalist Yassie Gezer from the UK.

Frontman Jacob Snow shares,

“With this song I wanted to tell a bit of a story, one of a long-lost genre that undeniably got people out on the dance floor throughout the 70’s and 80’s. From the strings and horns to that steady walking bassline that only disco can deliver. A genre that gave birth to many new sounds we hear in today’s popular music. The story gives us a snippet of what it was like in those disco clubs. Starting in a dark, quiet, seemingly normal bar, flicking the switch on the speakers and lights, and watching the club explode into a feeding frenzy of fans ingesting the disco music and culture. Letting the rhythm, soul and bass take control of their bodies without worrying about what others thought of their moves.

The song talks about getting lost in the music and being able to shed off the stress of daily life if not just for a moment, music can do that for us. So can substance, which was quite prevalent in those clubs. The story wouldn’t be complete without discussing how drugs played a role in those clubs which is discussed a little in the second verse, keeping the discussion light avoiding taking listeners down a dark road. I remember fondly watching soul train and marvelling at how fun the music was and how people lined up to showcase their moves freely. Trying to bring back that fun atmosphere was the inspiration for this new song, and I promise there are more where that came from.”


“Disco” begins with a fun, groovy beat that just won’t quit.

The mixture of strings, horns, and funky basslines coexist perfectly with the vocals throughout the track. Frontman Jacob Snow and guest vocalist Yassie Gezer’s vocals stand out individually and as one to create the perfect dance track.

My feet didn’t stop through the entirety of the track, and I am quite sure most, if not all, listeners will do the same.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and all-around enjoyable track to boogie to, this is it.

Watch the video for “Disco” below and stay up to date with Gorilla Tophat via their socials.

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