WHIPPED CREAM teams up with Jasiah & Crimson Child on “The Dark”


WHIPPED CREAM shares the new single, “The Dark”

Kicking off the year with her most ambitious project to date, producer and singer-songwriter WHIPPED CREAM has teamed up with rapper and songwriter Jasiah and producer Crimson Child for their genre-bending masterpiece, “The Dark,” on Monstercat. Unraveling a story about toxic love and loss, the single puts Jasiah’s operatic talents on full display, heightening the drama in the haunting keys and textured synth work. “The Dark” ushers in the announcement of WHIPPED CREAM’s forthcoming EP, Someone You Can Count On, due out March 8th. Accumulating over 6 million streams across featured tracks like “CRY” and “Angels,” the package sees WHIPPED CREAM step out of her comfort zone and into her higher power to unleash a boundless and raw representation of her artistry.


“There is love in holding on, and there is love in letting go. “The Dark” is inspired by the concept of picking up a rose – it looks incredibly inviting and beautiful to hold, but it can puncture the skin. It’s about a relationship where one person hasn’t cut out their toxic behaviours and although beautiful underneath, they still damage the one they love most. It’s learning to finally let go of what might be so beautiful yet painful and unhealthy and head into the unknown, “the dark.”

Crimson Child also comments,

“In my eyes, “The Dark” is a song about love and loss. The feeling of a toxic relationship and its corruption of the soul. Being pulled in and out of love, confused as to your true feelings, and being overcome by emotion when trying to make sense of it. I hope this record brings you the peace it brought me.”

Produced by the Vancouver-based studio Departure Lounge and directed by Will Selviz, “The Dark” music video is a novel mixed-reality project developed in Canada’s first volumetric capture facility. Equipped with tech that can transfer humans and objects in and out of the Metaverse, WHIPPED CREAM, Jasiah, and Crimson Child were shot by over 100 cameras at Metastage Canada, capturing them in real-time and transporting their holograms into a virtual reality environment. As a result, they created the world’s highest-resolution volumetric VR music experience to date, revolutionizing the future of audiovisual content. A clip of the immersive video premiered to acclaim at Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) in October and will next hit the road in a full-scale presentation at SXSW in Austin this March, inviting attendees to explore “The Dark” through an XR headset.

Watch the video for “The Dark” below and stay up to date with WHIPPED CREAM via socials.

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