Darrelle London releases new single, “Chugga Choo Choo”

Darrelle London

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Darrelle London unveils “Chugga Choo Choo” from upcoming album, Primary

Toronto singer-songwriter, Darrelle London, is diving into the world of “Kindie” music (Kid-Indie), and she feels right at home! On March 24, London will release her new children’s album, Primary – a dazzling collection of songs that celebrate the awe and wonder that kids experience in daily life. To kick things off, London excitedly shares the album’s first single, “Chugga Choo Choo,” as well as an animated music video that is perfect for singing and dancing along!

With a back-catalogue of albums that have been described as “quirky” and “whimsical”– though not necessarily aimed towards kids – it was a natural progression for London to take her musical style and turn it into her first full-length children’s album. Primary perfectly treads the line between music for kids and music for grown-ups, with enchanting lyrical storytelling set to infectious indie-pop instrumentation. Produced by Dean Drouillard and featuring some of Canada’s best session players bringing London’s imaginative tunes to life with jubilant horns and lush strings, the album carries listeners on a journey through a colourful world of curiosity, creativity, and laughter.

A mother of two young’uns herself, Primary marks the first time that London made an album since her children were babies. While playing the role of teacher (among many other things!) during the initial COVID lockdowns, London’s children would ask questions, and she felt compelled to answer them in the form of songs. “There was also just a lot of messing around because we had time on our hands,” reflects London, with the album’s lead single, “Chugga Choo Choo,” being a perfect example of this writing method.

“This song came about organically while I was playing with my kids,” she says. “I was messing around on the piano and started singing the chorus about going on a train. My kids lined up chairs across the living room floor to make a ‘train’, and I was struck by how quickly children can be transported through music.”

The songs on Primary continue to explore those similar small wonders of life, such as seeing the moon out during the day (Day Moon); simple pleasures, like going for ice cream with a friend on a hot summer day (Ice Cream); they joy found in creating art just for the sake of it (Primary and Let’s Make Something New); and even important lessons like why we should respect even the tiniest of creatures (Bugs).

“My goal with this album was to capture the sense of wonder and awe that all children have,” London explains. “Somewhere along the way, us adults have forgotten to marvel at the morning moon, or how to make art just for the sake of creating. This album gave me the space to ponder questions like, how did Pluto feel after being demoted from planet status, or what would happen if wild animals crashed a birthday party? The fun in making this record has been non-stop, and I think that comes across!”

Watch the video for “Chugga Choo Choo” below and stay up to date with Darrelle London via her socials.

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