Zach’s Picks of the Week – January 30, 2023 to February 4, 2023

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Zach Coopz shares his latest picks of the week

Music Time! Who’s hungry for some brand new music to absorb? Welcome back to Canadian Beats, the home, in my opinion, of the best Canadian music around. This is our weekly segment, where I will share my favourite articles and posts from our website—nicknamed, of course, “Zach’s Picks Of The Week” with my top five for you to enjoy. There’s a whole bunch of great stuff all across our website. So you can pick your own favourites. I won’t hold it against you. Maybe just a little, but don’t worry about me cause I’ll survive. Please take the time today to review my recommendations in this week’s video below.


Starting off our list for this week takes us to Toronto-based musical power couple Altered By Mom, which is made up of Gina Kennedy and Devon Lougheed. Together, this duo has unveiled their first single of the year, “Dive In,” which is available on all streaming platforms. Their latest track is a hooky psychedelic call to action to chase after the things that scare you the most. Because when you push yourself and do the things that scare you, you will feel so accomplished. If you want to check out our review for Altered By Mom’s newest song, “Dive In,” then you should head through the link to the article here.


Moving on, we have another fantastic Toronto-based indie rock act to introduce to your music players. Their name is Christian Turner, and this year, they bring us the debut single, “Nobody But You.” This song is available across all streaming platforms, but this song brings on a dark dreamy atmosphere with sludgy, stoner rock melodies. It explores the ups and downs of an abstract love, feeling helpless to its irresistible pull. Check out our article if you’re interested in learning more about this new band on the scene. We had one of our Five Questions With segments with the frontman himself, Christian Turner. You can also listen to the new song in that same article here.


Now at our third top spot, we will be heading over to meet Montreal-based solo artist, composer, singer, and guitarist Steph Yates (AKA Cots). She recently unveiled the new five-song EP, Moonlit Building, to any streaming platform you’re listening to music. Oliver Fairfield produced these songs, and they deeply explored the noir aspects of Cots’ imagination. It is the follow-up to her enchanting 2021 debut album, Disturbing Body. However, before the EP release, Cots shared the new single, “Devil Does.” It’s a skeletal yet brilliant cloud of dark jazz that wrests levity from the feeling of being possessed. Please read our article about Cots and her latest single and video here.


Making our way into the top two choices of the week from our website Canadian Beats. Another Toronto-based up-and-coming artist that you need to know is Eric Punzo. He brings his blend of passionate, introspective songwriting into his latest single, “If I Told You That I Missed You.” It is available across all streaming sites, so be sure to add it to your playlist. That song was released via BAMO Records (in partnership with Coalition Music), and it is the perfect example of the unique sound that’s earned Punzo a rapidly growing following. Produced by (award-winning Canadian rock band drummer for Finger Eleven) Steve Molella, this will be the fifth single that the pair have worked together on. If you want to check out the article where we highlight Eric Punzo’s newest single, we have an interview with him here.


Now we have finally made it to the last and final spot for my recommendations from our website of new music. We introduce you to a Toronto-based rock group, Dearly Beloved, whose released their latest single, “Trees Dream Of You.” That’s coming from their upcoming album Walker Park, which will be released via Sonic Unyon Records soon. However, a multi-talented group member, Rob Higgins, called the new single a battle of ego versus nature, “the majesty of forests, and their righteousness, to me, is inspiring. If only humanity could be more like a forest.” The band has racked up an impressive resumé as road dogs, supporting many different artists. With extensive global dates in the works for 2023, Dearly Beloved’s rock-solid rep is sure to stand tall in the spotlight with the release of Walker Park. So be sure to explore the article where we dive deep into Dearly Beloved’s new single, “Trees Dream Of You,” here.

That’s going to be Zach’s Picks Of The Week. Thank you for joining me today. I will be back, of course, next Music Monday with a whole new batch of stuff from the website. Feel free to explore our pages of outstanding Canadian music from the best in our country. Let me know who your favorite was this week or if you discovered something new that you know like. Until our paths cross again next week, stay positive, and spread some good vibes in the world. I have been your host Zach; see you next time on our show, Zach’s Picks Of The Week! PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC, EVERYONE!!

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