Ten Kills The Pack shares new single, “Lying in the Grass Thinking About Death”

Ten Kills The Pack

Photo Credit: Vanessa Heins

Indie outfit Ten Kills the Pack shares a final glimpse into their forthcoming album Thank You For Trying. With throaty vocals and grungy guitars, “Lying in the Grass Thinking About Death” sees songwriter Sean Sroka crank up the volume with his most hard-hitting performance to date. Lyrically, he holds up a magnifying glass to the small moments that might seem insignificant but contain entire worlds.

This latest release joins “You’d Like to Believe” and “God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics,” which will appear on Thank You For Trying: ACT II. Together with ACT I, Sroka takes listeners on a raw, emotive path that parallels his own. He recruited Marcus Paquin (The Weather Station, The National), who helped bring this vision to life, serving as the album’s co-producer. Ten Kills the Pack is happy to announce the release of his full-length concept album Thank You For Trying is due out March 10 via Nettwerk.

Sroka explains,

“….this might only appeal to the nerds, but ‘Lying in the Grass…’ was my attempt to reverse the more typical or “normal” process of writing I tend to lean on (as do many); which is to look at a larger concept, idea, or series of moments and carefully craft it down into a couple of minutes. But, I wanted to try (as best I could) to entirely pull from just one precise individual second.. a total blip. And fully expand on every flashing thought within it.

I had read something about how we all have 60,000-70,000 thoughts per day, or something wild, so that kinda got in my head. It was quite an exercise for me, but I had this goal in mind to try to convey the heavy macro feelings and thoughts we experience or carry with us, in just one micro-moment every day. The flickers that usually go unnoticed and pass by, but really matter and affect us.”

Watch the video for “Lying in the Grass Thinking About Death” below and stay up to date with Ten Kills the Pack via their socials.

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