PREMIERE – Jenny Mallard shares her single, “The Anchor” + Weekend Beats

Jenny Mallard

Jenny Mallard releases her first single of 2023, “The Anchor”

Canadian Country/Pop artist Jenny Mallard is a celebrated musician and storyteller who is known for her authentic lyrics and impactful storytelling.

Fresh off of the heels of releasing her debut album, Into The Deep, the St. John’s, NL-based artist has taken the East Coast music scene by storm with sold-out shows across the region and a performance that saw the artist open for the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra’s “Celebrating The Women of Country” show. With numerous and steadily growing career accolades, the East Coast Music Award-winning artist has also received a nomination for a MusicNL award in the “Country Artist of the Year” category as a member of Rod Jackson and the Perfect Strangers. With thousands of online views on her most recent music releases, Jenny has just been accepted into the MusicNL Audio Production Mentorship Program, which will help the artist enhance her skills as a producer, joining the small but growing community of female producers in the industry today. As her career continues to flourish across the country with radio recognition and show features, Jenny’s refreshing honesty in sharing her experiences with bipolar disorder and her relatability through all aspects of her music has helped the artist build an authentic relationship with her listeners.

Jenny has unveiled her first single of 2023, “The Anchor,” a stirring and cheerful love song from her album.

With a stirring drum beat and cheerful vocals, “The Anchor” is a bright and uplifting Country-Pop song fused with the artists’ personal love story and East Coast Folk sensibilities. Written as a gift for their upcoming anniversary, Jenny penned the song in honour of her then partner with the concept of honouring his drumming career by incorporating the instrument as a focal part of the tune.

The track makes its mark early on Into The Deep as part of the overall story of the project – a breakup album and the story of becoming. Written at home on her acoustic guitar, the single was brought to life by producer Clint Curtis at Sevenview Recording Studios. With its upbeat instrumentation and positive love story, the second verse of the song has Jenny sharing some of the somber experiences they faced in the relationship as well, in which both partners experienced the loss of family members, a nod to the authentic storytelling central to Jenny’s lyrics.

The sunny, easy-to-sing-along-to, and catchy tune is packed with the creative authenticity Jenny has become most known for and perfectly encapsulates her incredible songwriting and vocal abilities. As she prepares to release more music in 2023, Jenny’s latest single will be sure to delight new and old fans alike!

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