Sam Casey shares new single, “7 Second Superstar”

Sam Casey

Sam Casey is back with her single, “7 Second Superstar”

Toronto-based songstress, Sam Casey recently unveiled her brand new single, “7 Second Superstar.” It’s an irresistible, tongue-in-cheek indie-pop track about the modern relationship between musicians and the internet, and the complicated feelings that can come with a song going viral. 

The song was specifically inspired by TikTok fame. Sam says,

“Julianna Eye, Chloe Kay and I wrote this song over Zoom in 2021 when TikTok was reaching its height in popularity and all of us were being quite literally forced to participate on the app. I am literally terrified of becoming a one hit wonder on TikTok. It’s like a beast that is never satisfied. It’s always hungry because it never takes the time to savour the meal in front of it. It is always looking for something new to hunt, regardless of whether or not that option is tastier. It is obsessed with the hunt. When writing this song with Juliana and Chloe, we talked a lot about how TikTok fame is not sustainable and about how they miss the 90’s and simpler times. Times where presence on a social media app was not a requirement for artists. This song is supposed to elicit a feeling of nostalgia in its listeners and remind them that social media has created a community of people who will never be fully satisfied. So, there is no point in creating for them. Create for you.”

Watch the video for “7 Second Superstar” below and stay up to date with Sam Casey via her socials.

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