Keeper E. shares new single, “Nothing’s Going On”

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Keeper E. celebrates ennui with new single “Nothing Going On”

Art-pop wunderkind Keeper E. returns with “Nothing Going On” – a brand new single that celebrates ennui and the delayed gratification that comes with having to wait for things that seem like they take forever to arrive.

Anchored by a driving beat, walls of synths, and her trademark shimmering soundscapes, “Nothing Going On” finds the Halifax-based artist delivering a track that revels in the tediousness of downtime.

“Sometimes life can be really really boring, and feel so monotonous, and it’s hard to focus on anything else but whatever I’m looking forward to,” explains Keeper E. “It’s always easy to get myself into some sort of trouble in these boring periods of my life. I start really overthinking things, and turning small problems into big problems because there’s literally nothing else going on. But even with all the waiting and boredom of life, sometimes it’s nice to have nothing going on. It’s nice to have a monotonous routine that you can rely on. Sometimes the wait for things makes them even better when they happen. When nothing’s going on, we have time to think about things more deeply, and time to relax and do nothing at all.”

The new standalone single comes on the heels of Keeper E.’s celebrated sophomore album, thank u and please and don’t go – a record that garnered praise from outlets such as Exclaim!, and The Coast, and generated chart positions on CBC Music’s Top 20 and CBC Radio 3’s Top 10. 

Listen to “Nothing Going On” below and stay up to date with Keeper E. via her socials.

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