ZOOMIES – Billy Raffoul shares new EP, I Wish You Were Here

Photo Credit: Vanessa Heins

Toronto/Nashville singer, songwriter, and producer Billy Raffoul has unveiled his soulful, intricate, and playful new EP, I Wish You Were Here, via Nettwerk.

About the EP, Raffoul shares 

“With these songs, the goal was to get them to a place where we see them on stage…. I write music to experience sharing it with other people.”

I Wish You Were Here features the captivating, up-tempo single “We Could Get High,” the lush, soothing love song “Better,” the cinematic and soft title track “I Wish You Here,” and the pop-tinged “Bliss” that serve as a much-anticipated introduction to the next chapter of Raffoul’s artistry. These songs were created alongside long-time collaborators Justin Zuccato and Mike Crossey, highlighting the graceful grit of Raffoul’s vocals and his knack for telling stories straight from the heart. 

Watch the ZOOMIES segment below, and stay up to date with Billy Raffoul via his socials.

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