PREMIERE – Little Misty – “Alma” (Single Review)

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Little Misty releases second single from sophomore album, “Alma”

Montreal progressive folk band, Little Misty, are thrilled to release “Alma,” the second single off their forthcoming album.

This is the story of Alma. The tale of a little girl racing through life.

“It’s also a tribute to all our mothers,” explained Little Misty. Kathryn Samman’s elegant vocals, paired with the upbeat rhythm, create a positive, atmospheric soundscape. The tempo throughout provides listeners the opportunity to envision the storyline as if they’re watching Alma on screen at the movies, navigating her life over the years. An excellent compliment to Little Misty’s latest single, “Windmill.”

Little Misty is an indie-folk band founded in Montreal, Quebec, led by Kathryn Samman (vocals) and François Jalbert (guitar). Although firmly grounded in folk music, their repertoire mixes indie-rock with more broad compositions. From cinematic landscapes to wailing guitar solos, the group explores a full range of musical possibilities, always searching for innovative ways to serve their storytelling.

They surrounded themselves with some of the finest musicians in town, including Tommy Gauthier on violin, Cédric Dind-Lavoie on bass, and Mark Nelson on drums. After releasing their first eponymous record in 2020, the group surprisingly managed to tour between the waves and write and produce a second album, Nowhere Land, which is set to be released in April 2023.


Following their previous single, “Windmill,” Little Misty brings forth their storytelling stand-out, “Alma.”

The song brings forth empathetic and inspiring feelings with a simple yet wistful melody that blends masterfully with the emotionally-charged lyrics.

The chorus, “Run run run, Run until you’ve won, Run run, You can never be outdone,” pulls at various feelings. Some may interpret this as motivation, while others see it as pressure. I love a song with brilliant storytelling that can be interpreted in multiple ways.

Overall, “Alma” is a stunning example of storytelling in music, a testament to music’s power to convey various feelings, from empathy to inspiration to compassion.

Listen to “Alma” below and stay up to date with Little Misty via their socials.

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