Victoria Anthony unveils new single, “Can’t Hold Back”

Victoria Anthony

Victoria Anthony shares “Can’t Hold Back” from  her upcoming album, New Disaster

Today, Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Victoria Anthony announced the release date for her sophomore album, New Disaster, arriving on May 12.

New Disaster is the follow-up to her 2020 debut album Real Life, which was followed by a series of stand-alone singles and music videos released in 2021/2022. To date, she has generated millions of streams, performed to sold-out audiences in the US, UK, and Europe, and has earned critical acclaim from the likes of OnesToWatch, MTV, Consequence,, and Alternative Press, just to name a few.

On New Disaster, Victoria channels the ups and downs of coming-of-age in real-time with a documentarian’s eye for detail and all the angst you would expect, as she completes the picture of an exciting new musical direction which she began revealing on her recent singles, “Another Regret,” “Should’ve Known,” and “Stupid Kid.” The album fuses shimmering pop gloss and ascendant pop-punk accented by an undeniable rock ‘n’ roll spirit and uncontainable energy while demonstrating a new lyrical depth and honesty in her songwriting.

New Disaster is produced by award-winning Canadian producer Ryan Worsley and mixed by GRAMMY Award winner Tony Maserati (Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé) and GRAMMY-nominated Matty Green (Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa). Victoria co-wrote the album alongside Worsley, Tavish Crowe, Matthew V, Lolo, and Brian Howes.

“The underlying theme of the album is about navigating new things, navigating trouble, even when you cause it,” says Victoria. “It’s my first time dealing with most of these experiences, and it’s honestly super entertaining. Making mistakes, trusting the wrong people, and living with regrets is all a part of growing up. New Disaster is a collection of my stories and feelings around growing up and I hope it will resonate with a wide range of listeners – those who have yet to experience these things, those who are experiencing them now, and those who already have.”

The announcement of New Disaster is accompanied by a new single and video for “Can’t Hold Back,” an unhinged infatuation banger about getting lost in your feelings for someone you barely know, showcasing a striking rock edge and Victoria’s fiery vocals.

Victoria shares on “Can’t Hold Back,

“It’s about my infatuation with a random guy who I never even dated,” she admits. “You’re so infatuated to the point where it almost hurts you. You’re screaming for attention. It fits the narrative of the album, being one of many things I’d never experienced before.”

Watch the video for “Can’t Hold Back” below and stay up to date with Victoria Anthony via her socials.

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