AKA-V unveils new single, “Prisoner”


AKA-V unveils her latest single, “Prisoner”

We’ve all experienced a feeling of impending dread, a feeling that no matter what you do or say, your mind and body freeze, almost immobile.

This is what AKA-V‘s latest melancholic alt-rock single, “Prisoner,” is about. V wrote the track as a form of catharsis for herself but to also let people know they’re not alone in sometimes feeling this way.

“It’s like being a prisoner inside your own head even though you’re clearly not behind bars,” she says. “I was fed up with the way I was feeling and just needed to express it somehow. It’s still possible to lead a normal life and accomplish some of our wildest dreams even if some days we can’t even get ourselves to move.”

Musically, “Prisoner” has a very early 2000s alt-rock/ grunge feel to it, but V’s commanding voice during the chorus gives it more dynamic, almost pushing it into a power pop realm.

AKA-V will have a single release party in Los Angeles, CA, at Molly Malone’s on Feb. 25. Get your tickets here.

Listen to “Prisoner” below and stay up to date with AKA-V via her socials.

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