Alex Whorms releases new single, “One Day I’ll Be Gone”

Alex Whorms

Alex Whorms shares the inspirational single, “One Day I’ll Be Gone”

Alex Whorms crafts music that is essentially a genre unto itself. From her beloved piano, the Hamilton singer, songwriter, and screen composer flows freely and flawlessly between styles and sounds, gracefully blending classic singer-songwriter pop, jazz, rock, folk, and almost anything else that strikes her fancy — while investing everything with honest tales and authentic emotions drawn from her own life and experiences.

Alex shares “One Day I’ll Be Gone” in anticipation of her third EP due later this year. This song tells you to go for it, whatever “it” is. It’s about not settling or becoming complacent or too comfortable. It’s about chasing down those special moments and experiences and truly appreciating them at the moment instead of wasting time “wishing and waiting” for them to happen.

Listen to “One Day I’ll Be Gone” below and stay up to date with Alex Whorms via her socials.

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