Ms. Bobbie The Art Pixie – “Want” (Pre-release Single Review)

Ms Bobbie The Art Pixie

Brampton, ON-based Ms. Bobbie The Art Pixie is set to unveil the brand new single, “Want,” on March 10, 2023. The single follows the previously released “Superstar.”

“Want” is an entirely queer-produced track. With production by Ms. Bobbie The Art Pixie, mixing by Genesis Barrios and featuring queer artists Grl and K.Lou.


From the beginning of “Want,” we’re treated with a rich, smooth R&B-style melody and airy, pop-infused vocals. As the track progresses, synths and drums contribute extra layers to the composition, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear some rap incorporated.

Throughout the entirety of the track, the rhythm is lively and upbeat, and the various vocal styles quickly find their place and blend together with ease.

I personally couldn’t get enough of “Want.” Everything about the release showcases Ms. Bobbie The Art Pixie’s talents and brings the focus to the two extremely talented vocalists at the same time.

You can’t review this track and not bring up the incredible artwork. The whimsical art for this single is well-suited, with a playful, cheery, and colourful design.

Overall, “Want” is exactly how Ms. Bobbie describes it, “a celebration of queer love.”

Listen to “Want” below and stay up to date with Ms. Bobbie The Art Pixie via their socials.

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