Desiree Dorion shares new album, That’s How I Know + Weekend Beats

Desiree Dorion

Canadian Country artist Desiree Dorion has just released her brand new album, That’s How I Know.

Brimming with clever lyrics that deliver universal messages both directly and metaphorically, That’s How I Know is a collection of songs that represent many of the different sides of the multi-faceted artist. From making painful decisions to the butterflies-in-your-stomach phase of falling in love and being unafraid to fight to keep it, That’s How I Know showcases Desiree’s skillful mastery of her craft. To date, Desiree’s most personal single, “Love You to Death,” is a poignant and moving ballad about setting boundaries with a loved one in the throes of alcohol addiction. Exceptionally personal, the song artfully describes the painful decision to place parameters on a relationship with someone she loves. Working with Steve Mitchell to bring the song to life, “Love You to Death” features haunting instrumentation designed to capture the essence of the hollow and empty feelings the artist faced as she set limitations on someone she deeply cares for.

Desiree collaborated with two of her favourite Canadian artists on the project – Doc Walker’s Dave Wasyliw on “Wouldn’t That Be Fun?” a fun, upbeat, and lighthearted Country/Rock blended call and response about imagining what it’s like to be in the early stages of a relationship today. The young love-inspired, flirtatious single features a driving rhythm and the complimentary vocals of the songwriters coming together during the chorus. Desiree’s co-wrote her first single from the album, “Sometimes I Drink,” with one of her musical icons, Crystal Shawanda. Calling the tune “an anthem for women who unapologetically take time for themselves to let loose and have fun,” “Sometimes I Drink” takes the notion of women getting together to have fun, turning into the need for a man’s attention head-on. The perfect anthem for a girl’s night out, or in, the empowering song and video perfectly represent Desiree’s fun-loving spirit and sharp wit.

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