Kyle McKearney releases new single, “Whispering Pines” (Interview)

Kyle McKearney

Photo Credit: Chris Doi

Canadian folk/alt-country artist Kyle McKearney unveiled his new single, “Whispering Pines,” on February 3, 2023.

“I wrote ‘Whispering Pines’ while I was working a shift job. It was two weeks away from home at a time in a place where I felt isolated. This song speaks to so many families’ situations, one parent working away while the other takes care of things at home. It can be very tough and can take its toll on any relationship,” said Kyle McKearney.

Listen to “Whispering Pines” below and learn more about Kyle McKearney via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! I’m Kyle McKearney. Very nice to meet all of you. Thank you for checking out my interview with Canadian Beats. I remember doing interviews with them way back in the day, and it’s nice to be here again.

You have unveiled your single, “Whispering Pines.” What can you tell us about the writing process behind the track?

“Whispering Pines” was written at a time when I was working far from home on a job that had very strenuous shifts. It was a dangerous job in the heart of winter, and I missed my family and home a lot. This is a song about isolation, loneliness, and longing. I wrote it while I was driving on said job.

What’s it like being a musician in Calgary?

Being a country or alt-country musician in Calgary is incredible. I feel like any other genre I’ve taken part in was more of a miss in this part of the world. This city loves country music and all things stampede-like.

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to tell us about?

Absolutely. I am playing on February 25th in Edmonton at the Starlite room with Dan Davidson, and can’t wait for that show. The last time I played with Dan Davidson was in 2013, and we were both in rock ‘n’ roll bands. If you had told us back then that we’d be playing together at the Starlite in country bands, we’d have laughed. Starlite has always been one of my bucket list rooms that I’ve never got to play, so I’m very excited.

What’s your goal for 2023?

My goal is to just keep going. To always just keep doing well enough to be able to keep creating music. I want to play live a lot this year. Thanks again, friends.

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