A Wilhelm Scream in Toronto, ON – IN PHOTOS

A Wilhelm Scream

All Photo Credit: Marcus Arar

A Wilhelm Scream, Anti-Queens & Brutal Youth
February 17, 2023
Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON

Boston’s premiere melodic-hardcore legends, A Wilhelm Scream, came to Toronto on February 17th. With support from Choices Made, Brutal Youth, and Anti-Queens, they were able to sell out the Velvet Underground.

Brutal Youth is a Hardcore punk from Toronto. Their songs are fast, aggressive, and heavily influenced by 80’s Hardcore. The vocalist/front person brought an amazing stage presence that was very entertaining. Even going so far as punching himself in the head until they bled.

A Wilhelm Scream 2

A Wilhelm Scream 3

A Wilhelm Scream 4

A Wilhelm Scream 5

Bringing more of a Rock N’ Roll vibe, Anti-Queens from Toronto brought the heat. This band has a lot to offer. All the members had awesome stage presence, catchy hooks, and anthems, and every song had a great flow with oodles of energy. Both guitar players played awesome, ear-worm solos, and the drummer even laid down their own solo. Anti-Queens are definitely a band to look out for in the Toronto Rock scene.

A Wilhelm Scream 8

A Wilhelm Scream 9

A Wilhelm Scream 7

A Wilhelm Scream 6

A Wilhelm Scream took the stage, and within an instance, the entire crowd erupted. There was plenty of moshing, crowd surfing, and general chaos. The energy in the room was amazing. Playing songs from their entire discography, many fan favourites were dropped that night. Still riding the wave of their 2022 effort, Lose Your Delusion, A Wilhelm Scream is at the top of their game. The album contains some of their best work, and from this concert, it’s apparent why people are still invested in this band.

A Wilhelm Scream 10

A Wilhelm Scream 11

A Wilhelm Scream 13

A Wilhelm Scream 12

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