Rick Christian – “Deranged Machine” (Single Review)

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Rick Christian unveils his latest single, “Deranged Machine”

Edmonton, AB-based Alternative/Electro/Dark Dance artist Rick Christian his single, “Deranged Machine.” The track is about dark feelings and demons rising like a phoenix; acknowledging what he has become feels so unreal.

Life can shape a person negatively. It can leave you broken, disturbed and release all sinister desires without barriers. In Deranged Machine, Rick Christian is truly coming to terms with the dark world he is living in and the battle with his own personal demons. The new release offers the pinnacle of his dark art and songwriting. Beware, this new offering will tap into places of your mind you were not aware of or are actively repressing.


“Deranged Machine” follows Rick Christian’s previous singles, “Pathways,” “In Dreams,” “Emotionless,” and “Contagious.”

The recent single has a raw industrial beat mixed with distorted fuzz that creates a unique sound. Rick’s dystopian-style vocals are layered throughout the track, leaving you with a dark yet captivating creation.

As usual, Rick’s songwriting and production are on point, and each element of the release work together to create a cohesive and memorable track.

Watch the video for “Deranged Machine” below and stay up to date with Rick Christian via his socials.

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