Frown Line – Ottawa’s Ice Dragon Boat Performers – Interview

Frown Line

Photo Credit: Sam Devlin

Ottawa, ON-based band frown line is set to perform at Ottawa’s Ice Dragon Boat Festival on February 16 at The Rainbow Bistro at 9:30 pm.

Listen to their single, “Come Around,” below and learn more about frown line via our festival edition mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi, my name is Annika. I sing and play guitar. On stage, I’m joined by Juan on bass, Owen on guitar, and Lucy on drums.

Tell us a bit about your newest release.

The newest release is a single called “Come Around.” It came out last summer and is a part of something a little bigger that I can’t announce just yet but keep your eyes peeled!

You’ll be playing at Ottawa’s Ice Dragon Boat Festival on February 16. Is this your first time performing at the festival?

We actually played Dragon Boat last June, opening for the Strumbellas, although this will be our first time playing the festival as a four piece and in the winter.

What can people expect from your live performance?

They can expect lots of heavy-hitting guitar riffs and smooth basslines, lots of ’90s-inspired materials with a modern indie rock twist. We’re also playing lots of new songs and some fun covers; overall pretty easy listening.

What other bands/ artists are you looking forward to checking out at the festival, or have you checked out?

I’m pretty excited to hear Pony Girl, they’re playing right before us, and I’ve heard nothing but really great things about their live set! Me and Juan are also stoked about Stoby’s set too, we played with them at the last Dragon Boat Festival, and they were so nice and gave us the best homemade cookies ever!

Do you have any upcoming shows or festivals you’d like to tell us about?

Yeah! We’re playing in Ottawa again just a couple of nights after the 16th, on the 18th at Live! On Elgin with some other incredible local bands. We also have a couple of shows in our hometown city of Montreal in March as well, if anyone makes their way there.

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