Claire Coupland – New Light (Album Review)

Claire Coupland

Artist: Claire Coupland
Album: New Light
Release Date: February 10, 2023
Genre: Singer-songwriter

Victoria, BC-based indie-folk musician Claire Coupland has unveiled her full-length LP, New Light.

The 9-song release features previous singles, “1000 Miles From A Dream,” “The Flame,” and “Love Song,” which are all amazing songs that I highly recommend you check out.

Track three, “Truth,” had me hooked from the first words, “Night is a lonely time, the silence I longed for is mine, I think of the place where I got my name, It calls me in the dark.” Claire’s emotive vocals are pure and relatable. Through the song, the music and vocals become hypnotic as they meld into one mesmerizing work of art.

“Find Your Way Home” showcases Claire’s breathtaking vocals and beautiful songwriting. The lyrics, “Did you find a path to roam? Are you still a rolling stone? Are you out there somewhere in the great unknown? Will you find your way home?” brings the listener’s own journeys forward in their mind. 

The album closes with the title track, “New Light.” Although this is one of the shortest songs on the release, it carefully embedded itself into my soul. The light, folk-inspired beat pairs perfectly with Claire’s radiant vocals. Although the song is about leaving a place or person, I felt it could easily focus on leaving your old self as you heal and grow. Either way, this short track speaks volumes.

Each of the nine tracks on New Light possesses mystery, strength, inspiration, and courage. Listen to each, and take a moment to let them soak in. You won’t regret it.

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