Alle The Dreamer unveils single, “Magic” + 5Q’s ZOOM Interview

Alle The Dreamer

Toronto, ON-based emerging dream-pop artist Alle The Dreamer kicks off a year of new music with the release of her buoyant new single, “Magic,” via Set Records.

Following her debut release, “Lonely Hallucinations” last fall, Alle is quickly becoming an emerging voice that pushes creative boundaries with a fluid blend of vintage and cutting-edge influences.

On writing the optimistic new release, Alle shares:

“I was having a really good week. You know when the clouds just separate and a beautiful clear blue sky appears? You know when the sun just warms your whole body and you have this warm internal glow kinda feeling that you wish you can bottle and hold onto? Yeah… those kind of feelings. I was in this place that felt like everything is possible & super hopeful for the future. It’s really about seeing the beauty all around us and creating that magic.”

Listen to “Magic” here.

Find out more about Alle The Dreamer in our chat via our 5Q’s Zoom Interview below, and stay up to date with her via her socials.

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