Diamonds Dye releases new single, “On Our Way” Feat. Jesse Maxwell

Diamonds Dye

Toronto Pop Fusion Band Diamonds Dye Releases New Late-Night R&B Single “On Our Way” Feat. Jesse Maxwell

To create “On Our Way,” Toronto pop fusion trio Diamonds Dye teamed up with certified Toronto R&B rising star Jesse Maxwell (Stand Still, Undone, Nosedive).

A love letter to Toronto’s nightlife, “On Our Way,” is a track about night driving for Torontonians (local and honourary) looking for love in the gorgeous city. The song intends to be a soothing reminder that it does not take much to find it either when you’re cruising through the Entertainment District with someone you’re really vibing with.

As Maxwell puts it in the chorus: “Recline, relax and just let go.” Toronto will do the rest.

The song’s origins were inspired by the laidback stylings of ‘70s slow jams. Think Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness” meets Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love.” With time, it evolved into a groovy late-night driving track that resembles a blend of more-modern instrumental and vocal influences such as: “I Feel It Coming,” “Nightcall,” and “Wicked Game.”

“‘On Our Way’ was a track that demanded tremendous patience,” says songwriter Dennis Bayazitov. “Prior to finding Jesse, our engineer Gabriel Deich (Owner, Melody First Music) and I tried running through it with five other vocalists! Each brought their own flair to the track, but nobody quite grasped the vibe we were looking for. Each time we went back to the drawing board, it felt like the track would never be released—like we were slowly but surely simultaneously going insane…”

“When we eventually found Jesse, everything from that first Zoom call was effortless and a total pleasure,” Bayazitov continues. “His vocal arrangement blew us away and instantly showed us that, not only did he understand the assignment, he truly took the track above and beyond and made it his own. It was a privilege seeing the man in action and getting to learn from his approach to his craft. It’d be a blast to collab again some time.”

In turn, Maxwell says,

“Diamonds Dye was enjoyable to work with. I’m all for a comfortable and nurturing, creative environment and I really felt that walking into their studio to record. They are passionate about what they have created, and rightfully so, because the song really speaks for itself.”

Diamonds Dye guitarist Leon Gusinsky likewise appreciated the creative process and how the track’s evolution further demanded additional experimentation from his end with new genres and guitar styles.

“‘On Our Way’ was a project in which I saw myself evolve as a musician,” he says. “The longer I worked on it and refined my part, the more I learned about what fusions of sounds were preferable.”

As for his vocal performance in the track, Maxwell says,

“I pride myself on my vocal arrangements, and I believe it really added a nice calmness and lush to the song. At times, these arrangements can take longer, but the instrumental immediately inspired everything that the vocals were doing in the background.

I was honoured to be part of this song as I love Toronto. It’s nice to be able to illustrate the city in such a sonically colourful way.”

Listen to “On Our Way” below and stay up to date with Diamonds Dye via their socials.

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