Harriet Chung shares new single, “Today and Tomorrow”

Harriet Chung

Multi-Talented Performing Artist HARRIET CHUNG Releases New Single, “Today and Tomorrow”

You can hear the love through her music as the multi-talented performing artist Harriet Chung proclaims in her latest single, “Today and Tomorrow.”

“Today and Tomorrow” explores the deeper meaning of a bond created between a mother and her child. This beautiful melody is featured as the 2nd track on her newly released first solo album – “A World Away,” which dives into the meaning and importance of human connection.

Chung takes you on a dreamy, acoustic journey that explores the emotional give and takes of a relationship between a mother and her child. You can hear her longing to recapture those memories between herself and her mother as she narrates the chorus:

“In the shining sunlight.
In the darkness of night.
I wish you were here.
Today and tomorrow.

In the darkness of night
In the shining sunlight
You’re always with me.
Today and tomorrow.”

The Toronto-based, award-winning pop artist’s new single “Today and Tomorrow” pays tribute to her mother by showcasing the challenges and sacrifice that not only her mother but all mothers must make to ensure their child has everything they need from an emotional and loving perspective.

“‘Today and Tomorrow’ is about the purest love of all, the love between mother and child.” The accomplished international singer continues to say, “It is about remembering the love, happiness, and sacrifice a mother gives and cherishing those fond memories for a lifetime.”

“Today and Tomorrow” can be heard on the Hong Kong native’s first solo album – A World Away. In fact, “A World Away (Remix),” which kicks off the album, won Best Original Song at the Hollywood Gold Awards, and its music video has won 10 Best Music Video awards from film festivals around the world.

In addition to singing and songwriting, Chung has appeared in many musical theatre productions, including The Phantom of the Opera (Toronto), Cats (Germany), The King and I, Iron Road, and Golden Lotus, for which she received numerous awards and nominations for Best Actress on both stage and screen for her portrayal in the titular role.

Watch the video for “Today and Tomorrow” below and stay up to date with Harriet Chung via her socials.

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