Lights & Tynomi Banks in Vancouver BC – Show Review


All Photo Credit: Caroline Charruyer

Lights & Tynomi Banks
February 1, 2023
Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC

Fresh off an international tour with Arkells and a solo tour in the USA, four times Juno Awards winner Lights is finally showcasing her latest album PƎP in Canada, now that concert venues across the country are fully opened and running at full steam. The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver was the second stop on tour after Victoria on Tuesday.

But before Lights took the stage, Canada’s Drag Race Star Tynomi Banks set the tone for the night and hyped the crowd right away with her energetic and iconic performance. Banks brought her A-game to the Commodore and danced for her life all across the stage for half an hour, hyping up the whole room. Her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Flowers will be remembered by all.

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Shortly after 9 pm, dressed fully in black, Lights kicked off her set with Salt And Vinegar from her newest album under the roars of the sold-out crowd. From the moment she stepped on stage, she commanded attention with her vibrant presence and electrifying energy.

Throughout the night, she interacted with the crowd, coming close to the barricade and holding out her mic for fans to sing with her. She kept full control of the stage and kept the fans engaged with in-between-song banter. She noted that it was her first time performing at the Commodore Ballroom since 2009!

Production-wise, she delivered a top-notch show. The stage was set up with many lights and an LED video screen that emphasized the theme of the PƎP album. Similarly, fans in the audience showed their support and love by wearing outfits reflecting the PƎP colour theme: bright yellows, blues, and reds.

Lights delivered an energetic, joyful, and powerful performance for 1h30min with songs like Dead End or Love Me that felt like a giant party. Towards the middle of the set, she slowed down the rhythm a bit with Voices Carry and a beautiful rendition of February Air.

The sold-out Commodore Ballroom sang loudly each song from Lights’ set. With such a large discography, Lights made sure to include fan-favourites songs along with tracks from her newest album in her 21-songs setlist allowing her older and current sounds to blend flawlessly. Each song highlighted her musical versatility and creativity. While her talent as a singer and songwriter are undeniable, she reminded everyone how much of a skilled musician she is by alternating between guitar, synthesizers, and keys on many occasions.

Before finishing the night off with “Okay, Okay,” she brought her father on stage to play drums for In My Head. It was the first time they had ever performed together. It was a night filled with pure joy, energy, and music that will stay with the audience for a long time to come.

Lights knows how to put on a show, so be sure to catch her live in many cities in Canada until mid-February, when she ends the PƎP tour in Montreal.

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