Deanna Petcoff announces debut album alongside new single “Devastatingly Mediocre”

Toronto’s Own Deanna Petcoff recently announced the upcoming release of “her confessional debut album” To Hell With You, I Love You, out April 8th via Royal Mountain Records. Giving the audience just a little taste of what is to come, Petcoff released the lead single, “Devastatingly Mediocre”, back in February.

“”Devastatingly Mediocre” was “written about how dating can be mundane”. According to Petcoff, “I wrote this song when my friend was dating the most boring guy alive. He really was so normal, met the bare minimum of being a decent person, and yet she was so infatuated with him.” This was a track that was originally meant to tease a friend, not to be included on an album for the world to see. “At first I wrote this as a joke because I always called him devastatingly mediocre just to tease her, but when I showed it to my band they loved it and we decided to make it something real,” Petcoff explained. “ I think it actually holds a lot of meaning for a lot of people – it’s so easy to fall in love with someone just because you want to be in love, regardless of whether or not it really works.”

Accompanying the single, is a “playful video” directed by Pugacewicz and Paige Foskett. They approached the video with a concept to “capture the essence of repeating a vicious cycle with dating – how easy and relatable it is to keep dating the same person over and over until you learn whatever lesson you’re supposed to learn.”

The track is only one of many to be found on Deanna Petcroff’s debut album, To Hell With You, I Love You. The album is “a reckoning with the loss of a relationship, documenting the aggressive highs and deeply emotional lows that come from falling out of love.” Petcoff spent over the course of a year recording the album in Toronto. With this album, “she wanted to present the emotional whirlwind of emotions you have when you’re grieving a relationship, which can feel like the death of a part of you or what you thought your life was going to look like.” It is described as an album that “ebbs and flows with a confidence and an assuredness as she tackles the highs and lows of falling in and out of love, and everything in between.”

April 8th is a date you will want to mark on your calendars. If you are interested in hearing (and seeing) more, Deanna Petcoff will be touring North America with Pillow Queens this spring. Stay tuned!

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