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Blake Havard
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Vancouver Musician Blake Havard Recently Released, “You Make It Right”

Vancouver musician Blake Havard has unveiled his infectious new single, “You Make It Right.”

“You Make It Right” is an optimistic pop-rock track about unchanging love in a world gone wrong. The song comes complete with an all-star backing band courtesy of two veterans of Bryan Adams’ band (Pat Steward on drums, Norm Fisher on bass) with a liberal dose of Hammond organ and keyboards courtesy of the legendary John Webster. Produced by Blake, the song was mixed and engineered by Hayden Watson (Bryan Adams’ Grammy nominated So Happy it Hurts).

“‘You Make It Right’ is about unconditional love,” says Blake. “As I think about my crazy journey in this world, I have been lucky enough to have some great friends and family that have been there when I needed them. Some are still around and some have passed on. They have all left an indelible mark on my life, and I carry their love with me in my heart.”

Blake Havard has been a part of the fibre of the Vancouver music scene for a number of years. Hailing from Alberta, Blake heard about the music scene breaking out of Vancouver back in the 90s. Nobody really remembers when Blake rolled into town, but in very short order, he was writing, producing, and recording some of the finest indie rock in Vancouver. And he still is. Blake is currently working on a new album set for release later this year. 

Listen to “You Make It Right” below and learn more about Blake Havard via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Blake Havard and I am a singer-songwriter guitarist based out of Vancouver, BC. 

I love to write, produce, record, and perform songs. 

I’ve been doing it for a while but it still feels like some kind of magic.

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

“You Make it Right” is a tune about unconditional love in a “World gone wrong.”

I have been lucky to have some good friends and family that have been there when I needed them.

Some are still around and some have passed…they are in this song.

I recorded it with engineer and friend Hayden Watson. My old friends Pat Steward (drums) and Norm Fisher (bass) play on it.

John Webster added some cool Hammond organ and keys. There are lots of guitars!

You should listen to it! We had a blast doing it and I am proud of how it turned out.

Upbeat with good vibes!

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

Inspiration comes from life. If I am emotionally moved by something it usually motivates me to create.

I get ideas on long walks. I get a line, a melody, and a beat. It can happen very fast. It’s exciting!

Fine-tuning can sometimes take forever.

I’ll let the song drag me around wherever it wants to go.

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to tell us about?

Looking forward to playing at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver on August 12th.

It’s a beautiful location. See you there!!!

What’s your goal for 2023?

I am about to record a few more tunes and have a full record ready by the fall.

Going to keep it going and make some new fans and friends along the way.  

Thanks for asking!

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