Zach’s Picks of the Week – March 27 to April 1, 2023

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Zach Cooper is back with five articles for you to check out

Who is ready for some new music to add to their playlist? Great, this website is chock-full of all the new Canadian music you could ask for today. These will be in my top five recommendations, nicknamed Zach’s Picks Of The Week! Each of these respected articles are linked in the post below us. You will also be able to see or hear a clip from each of them when you check out the video we have this week. I encourage you to read each article I have chosen this week. You should also add these songs to your favourite music playlist and share them with your friends. Let’s get into the music since that’s what we’re here for. These are Zach’s Picks Of The Week!


Our new music list will begin with Toronto-based Chinese Canadian alt-pop singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Vicki Lovelee. We have promoted her latest single and the video for “Counting Me.” Her music combines pop with dark, dramatic sounds; fused with orchestral instrumentations. The new music video for “Counting Me” is a revenge pop song about reclaiming your confidence in the face of rejection. Check out the article here to watch the video for “Counting Me.”


Next up on our list is going to be another Toronto-based singer-songwriter by the name of Dave Filchak. He’s unveiled his latest single, “Only A Heartbreak Away,” to all streaming sites via Zuka Label. This release marks Dave‘s 35th release, with more to come. He is a prolific writer and is constantly working on new material. He has been a touring musician, studio owner, and engineer, mixing in producing singles in albums for many Canadian artists. You should check out our ten-question interview to learn more about Dave Filchak and listen to his latest single here.


Now we are in the top three, and it’s time to introduce Montreal alt-pop artist dee holt, who has announced a new EP titled I’ll Be There. You can expect it to be coming out on April 28th via Nettwerk. One of the latest empowering anthems is called “Dishes.” It tackles the ideas of dysfunctional relationships, finding the strength to leave that toxicity behind. She encourages all the listeners to cut out everything that does not serve them in their life. You can also check out our Five Question interview with dee holt here.


Next is emerging Canadian-based Argentinian vocalist and songwriter Fiona Montt. She’s released her new track, “C’est La Vie,” across all streaming platforms. This upbeat pop anthem sounds like it was made for the dance floors in the club. It was inspired by the isolation brought on by the Covid pandemic. Montt was separated from her family during the long months of lockdowns in Argentina. However, she found a lifeline when she turned to the web, connecting with others through music. If you want to learn more, you should read up on our interview with Fiona Montt here.


My final recommendation for this week’s list will be one based in Vancouver—a multi-instrumentalist folk singer Alison Jenkins, who goes by LittleFox. LittleFox has unveiled a beautiful banjo track to all streaming platforms. The heartwarming and sentimental song is called “Magpie Heart” and supposedly was written about a friend whose encouragement and company ignited her songwriter’s journey. LittleFox quite regularly performs all around Vancouver and will embark on a tour celebrating a full-length album later this year. If you’d like to hear the new song, go to the article where we highlight the release of “Magpie Heart” here.

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and articles from our website. Otherwise known as Zach’s Picks Of The Week, here on a beautiful Music Monday. Our website is where you can find all of the newest Canadian music you can ever listen to. I will return with a new list of amazing articles and next week’s installment, so if you wouldn’t mind telling your friends about us or even sharing this post. I would greatly appreciate it. However, I hope you have a fantastic week and spread love and positivity in the world. But until next time, from me to you, PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC, EVERYONE!

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