The Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival announces the first round of its 2023 programming

Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival

Suoni Per Il Popolo music festival to take place June 1-23, 2023

The 23rd edition of the Suoni Per Il Popolo music festival will take place from June 1 to 23, 2023, in several of Montreal’s legendary venues. The annual music festival celebrates music and arts for the culturally curious and the musically inclined. Their fresh programming will feature local, national, and international artists covering a number of genres that include free jazz, avant-rock, noise/post-punk, avant-folk, and afro-futurism.

The upcoming edition will feature a number of renowned artists, including the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra band, a continuation of the work of the big band innovator and electronics pioneer Sun Raa. It will also feature Shanta Nurullah, member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), the radical groove of LAL, Damon Locks and Andy Moor, the deep sounds of White People Killed Them, and the stimulating innovations of Sarah Davachi.

Suoni Per Il Popolo will also feature the inventive flows, poignant lyrics, and sense of humour of Homeboy Sandman, one of the most original and prolific underground rappers of the late 2000s. Peruvian improviser and sound artist Maria Chavez, a pioneer of Abstract Turntablism, will also be part of the show.

We will also get to witness the collaboration between Philip Zoubek and Montrealers Philippe Lauzier and Pierre-Yves Martel, musicians, composers, and musical explorers, who form the group PPP. Funk Lion will bring his wild rock, psychedelic-infused afro-futurism, negro-spiritual vocals, and voodoo-funk to La Sala Rossa.

Suoni Per Il Popolo’s upcoming explosive edition will once again feature intimate concerts highlighting a large diversity of musical genres and distinct musical traditions reflecting Montreal’s heterogeneous makeup. Its accessible programming reflects the vibrant and cosmopolitan reality of its host city. All programming and details can be found on the festival website (currently being updated).

Here are the first wave of artists:

Saturday, June 3
Les Angles Mortes, Tom-Tom : An Epic of Music and the Negro I Sala Rossa I 15$

Sunday, June 4
Andy Moor/Damon Locks I Sala Rossa I 20$

Monday, June 5
Maria Chavez I Sala Rossa I 25$
Bread and Puppet Theater I TBA I free

Tuesday, June 6
Funk Lion I Sala Rossa I 20$

Wednesday, June 7
PPP I Casa del Popolo I 20$
Sarah Davachi I Sala Rossa I 25$

Saturday, June 10
Homeboy Sandman I Sala Rossa I 20$

Tuesday, June 13
Angels and Demons (Darius Jones & Amirtha Kidambi) I Sala Rossa I 25$

Wednesday, June 14
LAL I Sala Rossa I 25$

Thursday, June 15
Shanta Nurullah Trio I Sala Rossa I 25$

Sunday, June 18
Sun Ra Arkestra I Sala Rossa I 40$

Tuesday, June 20
Beatings are in the Body I Venue Casa del Popolo I 20$

Thursday, June 22
Myriam Gendron I Sala Rossa I 25$

Friday, June 23
White People Killed Them I Sala Rossa I 25$

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