Taze Kozak shares new single, “Came in from the Night”

Taze Kozak

TAZE KOZAK releases new indie-folk /alt-country single “Came in from the Night”

Vancouver Island, BC – Born and raised, Taze Kozak releases his new single on March 16, 2023. The single “Came in from the Night” is an indie-folk / alt-country song recorded in Kozak’s DIY motor home studio.

Capturing and condensing a piece of time and the feelings that come along with the time is what Taze Kozak aimed for here. That piece of time being the mundane rotation of day-to-day winter living, love, death, chickens, and coffee, and tea, and beer. The single can be seen through many lenses “it’s not necessarily about anything, just a reflection of the thoughts and feelings that came to mind when looking back on that period of time,” the dark weight of winter, the good and bad that come with it, and time inevitably marching on.

Half-hearted guitar playing and raw, somewhat ugly vocal performance are the bones of the track, both recorded simultaneously. Layered into the track afterward comes the bass, smooth n’ classy electric guitar dwindling in the background, and blooming dollar store keyboard work. All written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Taze Kozak, which truly anchors down the feeling he is giving forth on the new single.

Listen to “Came in from the Night” below and stay up to date with Taze Kozak via his socials.

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